Cigar Review: La Aurora Escogidos Maduro Robusto


La Aurora is a company that needs no introduction. They have been around for many years, and have been a company that cigars smokers throughout the world have enjoyed. When I think of cigars being made in the Dominican Republic I think of La Aurora, and when I think of Dominican tobacco I think of La Aurora once again. They are a company that has reached out to cigar smokers, and really educated them on what goes into making a great cigar. In the past couple years we have seen a transformation for the better in the company, and we have seen this in their production and re-branding of the company. They have always been a cigar company that has captured those “traditional” qualities to a cigar, but they have begun to intertwine the old ways with more modern and hip practices. With them being most known for their “preferido” vitola, they have also released major lines that have becomes successes overnight, and remained popular throughout the years. One of their more newer releases is a cigar that is incredibly exclusive, and it is a cigar that is to be given out only by Miami Cigar & Company representative, or while in the La Aurora Factory in Santiago. The cigars is La Aurora Escogidos Maduro Robusto.

Translated as “the chosen one,” this cigar is only available at the La Aurora Factory or at La Aurora events. The concept is very similar to what you see with Miami Cigar & Company, and I dig it. I love the concept of having some special to give out at events and getting more people to go to them. You typically have to make purchases to gain access to these cigars, but you should be doing that at cigar events anyways. I have seen these online though through the Famous Smoke Shop online site, but that is the only place, and it has really gone negated what I was told. Looking at the prices, they are very affordable and definitely worth picking up. These cigars a re made in only one vitola, and production is very limited. Wrapped in a classic Maduro wrapper, Brazilian Mata Fina, the cigar is then composed of Dominican filler and binder tobacco. The robusto vitola is your standard robusto, and measures 5″ with a 50 ring gauge. The cigar is firm and made well, and there are some veins present throughout the dark wrapper. The wrapper shows some lovely tooth to it and has a fairly even coloring. The coloring is a solid Maduro, and it really has this dark and slightly marbled brown coloring to it. Holding the foot of the cigar to my nose I get wonderful aromas of cocoa, rich earth, barnyard and grass, and you can pick up some of those aromas on the wrapper as well.

Brazilian Mata Fina

Lighting up the cigar, it begins with a nice complexity, and shows characteristics that you find in a Maduro and a non-Maduro cigar. I am picking up some coffee, earth, cocoa and spice notes that I get with some Maduro cigars, but also some hay, grass, lemon and spice notes that you get with a dryer cigar, not something as rich as a Maduro. The cigar has a fairly solid burn line to it, not really that wavy, and it is producing a solid ash. The ash really has a light charcoal coloring to it, and it is holding on to the cigar firmly. I would say the strength of the cigar is at a solid medium body, and this is a cigar that is perfect for every smoker. La Aurora  really does a great job at making a cigar that is loved by many. I feel that a lot of their cigars appeal to every time of cigar smoker, and that is not the same with all manufacturers. I am in the second third of the cigar now, and the flavors of the wrapper seem to be the dominant flavors. I am getting a forefront of cocoa, coffee and rich earth, and there is a lovely finish of spices, some pepper, and some lemon that remains on the palate for long after. I am picking up some wood as well with the flavors, and it is really kicking butt. These are really great smokes, and great everyday cigars as well. I am getting a perfect burn line in this third, razor sharp, and it is still showing that great charcoal ash that is holding on to the cigar firmly. I still have my ash from when I lit the cigar, and I am gonna try and hold on to it till the end. The strength of the cigar is still remaining at that medium body level, and it is a perfect afternoon cigar for me. When I get into the final third I am getting all those great flavors from the first two thirds, and it is ending wonderfully. There is a definite coffee flavor profile present in the cigar, and also some leather, wood and lemon grass. I am still getting some light cocoa and spice notes present as well with the cigar, and it is very complex and enjoyable. I would say the strength level increased slightly to medium full in the final third of the cigar and ends wonderfully. I am getting a solid burn line through the final third as well, perfect as the second third, and the ash is a slightly darker gray. It is finishing wonderfully, producing a nice amount of smoke and a cool draw while very flavorful. Overall this was a fantastic third and a great finish to wonderful cigar.

After smoking through several of these sticks it has become clear to me that these are cigars you are going to want to have in your humidor. Each and every one of the cigars I smoked performed wonderfully, and each showed those unique flavors that the cigar had to offer. La Aurora really has done a great job with this cigar, and I like that they have added a Maduro wrapper to the cigar, when it was initially a Cameroon wrapper stick. If you ever attend a La Aurora event, these cigars are definitely worth getting as bonuses, and they are even worth purchasing as well. I am a fan of La Aurora Cigars to begin with, but they have really done wonders these past years in recapturing today’s cigars market. These will show all those great La Aurora qualities, and also capture some qualities that cigar smokers who typically don’t gravitate towards La Aurora Cigars will enjoy. I give this stick a 91, and I am glad I still have a handful in my humidor.

Edcogidos Maduro

 *Cigars for this assessment were provided to me by La Aurora for review.

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