Cigar Review: La Dueña No. 7 by My Father Cigars & Tatuaje (Petit Lancero)

La Dueña

I have been sitting here thinking about how to begin the introduction for this cigar, and I am struggling on how to properly introduce this new cigar. Clearly this all begin with the well known and beautiful Janny Garcia, but how to introduce her. Most of the smokers in the cigar industry know her as the daughter of the famous Don José “Pepin” Garcia, and also the brother of the great Jaime Garcia; but she is a woman of the industry who deserves to be recognized as an individual and not a “backdrop” of family members. It seems as she is taking a much more active role in the company every year, and I imagine providing important and valuable insights with every aspect. While some might argue otherwise before, their case is now flawed with her new and first cigar,  La Dueña.

Blended by Pete Johnson of Tatuaje, the cigar is really a true collaboration between My Father Cigars and Tatuaje. While it is blended by Pete, the cigar is constructed under Jaime Garcia at My Father Cigars, and is distributed under My Father Cigars as well. The cigar was made for Janny Garcia, and is meant to be made in her honor. The name La Dueña is quite simply translated as “the owner,” and is referring to Janny Garcia if you still have not picked that up yet. There are five vitolas in the line, and the line is intended to be a solid bodied cigar, nothing too heavy, and be somewhere between the blends of La Casita Criollo and La Riqueza. The band on the cigar is practically identical to Victorian Silhouette portraits in lockets from the mid 19th century. For this review I grabbed the smallest of the vitolas, and chose the No. 7, which is a Petit Lancero.

CT. Broadleaf Wrapper

The Petit Lancero with  a great pigtail cap measures 6″ in length and has a 42 ring gauge. It is rolled wonderfully, and is incredibly firm. The cigar is comprised mostly of Connecticut Broadleaf tobacco, and has a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, a binder leaf from Esteli, Nicaragua, and a secondary binder leaf that is Connecticut Broadleaf as well. Under that we have the filler tobacco which is composed of tobacco from Esteli, Nicaragua and of course Connecticut Broadleaf tobacco. I should make a note that all the Nicaraguan tobacco in the cigar is from the Garcia’s farms. The cigar is dark and toothy, and has a definite coloring of Maduro to it. Holding the foot of the cigar to my nose I get lovely aromas of tobacco, rich earth, chocolate, stone fruit and sweet spices. Lighting up the cigar I get an abundance of rich flavors from the get go. You really get the flavors from the aroma throughout, and there is a nice bit of rich earth and chocolate notes present with some lively stone fruit flavors. There is a finish of tobacco to the cigar, and with that sweet spices. The cigar is burning wonderfully in the first third of the cigar, and it is leaving a nice brown charcoal colored ash that is holding on firm. The ash typically shows growth in terms of more cigar being consumed, but this ash is practically solid and shows no sign of falling. There is a great amount of aromatic smoke produced with the cigar, and I have received many compliments on the smoke thus far in terms of aroma. I am finding the cigar to remain at a solid medium full level, and above all it is incredibly flavorful.

Smoked wonderfully throughout.

In the second third of the cigar the flavors are pretty consistent with the first third, and it is well balanced. The spice notes are balanced by this natural sweetness, and with that are cocoa and coffee notes. The cocoa notes are not as rich as you get with some maduros, but are a little bit more natural and unsweetened. There are some black pepper notes present on the finish, and of course some tobacco and plum/cherry notes with that. Similar to the first third, the ash on the cigar is simply gorgeous and the only reason I tapped off the ash from the first third is because I was getting up to help someone find some cigars; these cigars. The cigar is showing a razor sharp burn line still, and producing tons of thick smoke around me. It is burning very cool still, not warm in an way, and with that keeping that solid medium full strength level to the cigar. Everything has been stellar so far, so I hope this trend continues into the final third. The final third really begins to show a lot more spicy notes, and the black pepper notes are more prominent. While I thought it would become much more spicier than the rest, it was still balanced and showing a lot more rich earth, coffee and cocoa notes with that. I got some tobacco notes as well in the end, but those stone fruit flavors faded some. Along with great flavors in the final third, the cigar is performing wonderfully, and it has throughout. The ash is keeping that solid brown charcoal color, ad with that remaining solid and firm on the cigar. There is tons of smoke being produced with each draw, and this is great for rings. There is still a razor sharp burn line to the cigar, and with that is a cool draw. It remains flavorful all the way to the end, and even at the tiny nub it cool and enjoyable.

I am not a fan of Connecticut Broadleaf wrappers, and with a cigar like this it will truly emphasize the flavors from the wrapper, and I have to say this cigar was scrumptious. It truly grabbed all the great flavors from La Riqueza and La Casita Criollo, and added it’s own in the process. Pete does such a great job with Connecticut Broadleaf wrappers to begin with that I need to get over being hesitant to grab a cigar like this when he is involved. All fans of maduro wrappers are going to love this cigar, and I am finding this cigar to be perfect anytime of day. I have smoked several throughout the past two days, and at different times of the day, and after smoking one I want another one right after that. The construction was top notch with this cigar, and the flavors were just amazing. What an amazing cigar to be released in your honor. That is all I can say about that; La Dueña gets a 92 in my book.

No. 7
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