Cigar Review: La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero “Digger” (Maduro)

La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero Digger

“Holy shit.” That is the verbal response most people get when they see La Flor’s “Digger.” Typically the face of a customer will be that of shock or humor when looking at it, and when they hold it in their hand their expression intensifies. I for one can’t help but laugh when holding the cigar in hand, and often when smoking the cigar I have chuckles throughout. I haven’t smoked many of them, less then five, but I feel that those equal out to about a box of any other cigar. In terms of a single cigar I think it was one of the most popular of releases this year, and that is understandable. The cigars had been on the market prior to the 2011 IPCPR, but it was there that retailers from across the nation really got to see and experience them. I for one do not care for cigars with a ring gauge over 52, but when you have a cigar this big you have to try it. The fact that it is available at only $10 is also amazing, and if you break it down by the size that is a heck of a deal!

The story behind the cigar begins in the town of Fredericksburg, Virginia at the local cigar shop called Olde Town Tobacconist. A customer there had the nickname “Digger” and was a big fan of the cigar  La Flor Dominicana DL700. As much as he enjoyed the cigar he wanted something a little bit longer, and eventually when Litto Gomez was visiting the shop “Digger” expressed his interests in a new vitola to the line, and Litto delivered with the cigar naming it The Digger. The cigar has the same blend and wrapper selection as the rest of the line, but it was blended into an 8.5″ by 60 ring gauge vitola. The filler and binder to the cigar are all Dominican and the wrapper is either an Ecuadorian natural or a Connecticut Broadleaf. I will say that I have smoked both vitolas, and both are very enjoyable. I probably prefer the Maduro version more though. Originally meant to be a limited release for this cigar shop, the cigar eventually became popular nationwide and is now available at any La Flor retailer.

Some said that a cigar of this caliber couldn’t really be smoked and enjoyed, and that it would not be good, but Litto proved them wrong. I assure you that this cigar is made very well, and it delivers in strength and flavor. The cigar is just gigantic in hand. It is very firm and rolled incredibly well. The cap is placed wonderfully, and the wrapper is not stretched at all. It has a beautiful color to it, and it reminds me of raisins in the coloring. It has that dark marbled brown coloring to it, and it shows hints of dark reddish purple as well. There are veins present in the wrapper, you find that a lot with Connecticut Broadleaf wrappers. The aroma is wonderful, and it has hints of leather, coffee, raisins, cocoa, wood and earth.

Beautiful coloring to the wrapper

The second you light up this cigar you are greeted with nice flavors and a great amount of strength. I immediately pick up hints of cayenne and paprika in terms of spice, and it has those lovely cocoa, coffee, leather, raisin and wood flavors I get with the Double Ligero line as well. There is a lot of smoke from this cigar given its size, and the draw is easy and cool. I would say it is smoking around medium full in terms of strength, and the burn line is perfect thus far. I was deciding whether or not to break this down in quarters, but at the end of the day I decided to stay with thirds.

When I get into the second third of this cigar I am beginning to see a rise in leather in the flavor profile. There is still a nice bit of spice up front, but it has become more complex as a cigar in terms of other flavors in this third. There is still those lovely flavors of cocoa, coffee and wood, but the leather notes really take off in this third, and the raisin flavors have faded some as well. The cigar is a solid full in terms of strength in this third, and I am sitting back enjoying Sean Connery playing James Bond in From Russia With Love. The ash that the cigar is producing is beautiful in coloring, and very solid. If you are not waving this cigar around as a club, you can get the ash to hold on for a solid four plus inches.

Now that I have finished From Russia With Love, and moved on to Golden Eye, I am in the final third. The flavor profile is still very similar to the first third and the flavors are playing off one another perfectly. The spice notes of paprika and cayenne are paired wonderfully with the cocoa and raisin notes, and the coffee, leather and wood notes balance it all off as well. The cigar is still smoking at a solid full in terms of strength, and the burn line is as perfect as ever. I smoke the cigar down to the nub, which is bigger than some regular cigars on the market, and it is offering a great draw. I finally lay the cigar down to rest and it is still cool. As exhausted as I am from that cigar I was planning on taking a break, but I will open up the humidor and look for a nice Petite Corona to end the evening. (lol)

This is an entertaining cigar, and though it is not my cup of tea it is a good cigar. It took me a little over three hours to smoke it, but with a cigar this size that is to be expected. I wouldn’t smoke this during a football or hockey game, because they will be over before the cigar is, but it would be perfect to smoke during a cricket match since they can go on for a couple days. It is going to offer you all those strengths and flavors that you get in the Double Ligero line, but just be a longer and bigger cigar. Even with it being such a massive cigar it burned great, had a fabulous draw and showed a great amount of flavor. I am going to give this cigar a solid 90. Where this cigar loses its points with me is in the overall impression, and it is a little unfair because of that. It is probably more in the 80’s to me, but that is because I don’t care for cigars this big. That is where I modify my rating. If you are a fan of huge cigars, then this cigar is for you. If you like Coronas, Lanceros, or Petit Coronas then don’t even bother! With all of that being said I look forward to the 2nd Annual Digger Day at Havana Phil’s next summer. Hope to see you all there!

Digger Maduro
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