La Flor Dominicana Light Grand Maduro 5

La Flor Dominicana Light

When you think of La Flor Dominicana, you think of strong cigars. They do make some cigars that are lighter than others, but for the most part they make very strong cigars that are also very flavorful. I am a fan of La Flor smokes, but I typically do not smoke them from time to time because of the strength level they usually possess. I find that they are great cigars to end the day with, and after I smoke one I typically call it my last cigar of the day. With that being said, this year they released a new line which was meant to be lighter and be able to be smoked earlier in the day, and by more smokers throughout the nation. The line is called La Flor Dominican Light.  

The Light version comes in two wrapper varities, and differs in sizes from wrappers. For this review I chose the Maduro version, and chose the Grand Maduro 5 vitola. Measuring 6.25″ with a 52 ring gauge, this cigar is gorgeous. The wrapper has a lovely oily texture, and with that is practically vein free and firm. There is a beautiful coloring to it, and it really possesses this raisin like color as well as a chocolate bar. It is clearly a Maduro, and one of the best Connecticut Broadleaf wrappers I have seen in sometime. It beautifully box-pressed, and has a wonderful aroma of cocoa, earth, spices, licorice and raisins. As mentioned above, the wrapper is Connecticut Broadleaf, and is composed with Dominican tobacco in the filler and binder leaf.

Grand Maduro 5

As I light up the cigar I am really getting those great La Flor flavors, and with that a strength level that is much lighter than usual. It is almost odd to light up a La Flor with this light strength level, but a nice change of pace. The flavors are that of very light spices, earthy notes wood, leather and some semi sweet cocoa notes. There are some coffee notes present as well, but it is much more subtle than usual. The cigar is producing a great burn line, and with that is a very firm ash that is dark gray in coloring. There is a lot of smoke coming off the ash as well, and I am getting some great smoke rings. The strength level in my opinion is ranging around that solid medium body level, and I bet with the Connecticut Shade version is even lighter.  

When I get into the second third of the cigar the flavors begin to increase a little more than in the first third, but that strength level is remaining the same. Smoking at that medium body level, I am getting more coffee and cocoa notes, and there is even this subtle raisin flavor profile present as well. I am getting some hayish notes with the wood and leather, and it has a that earthy and spicy finish to it. It’s really a flavorful cigar, and it is great to get those La Flor flavors with a lighter strength level. The ash is remaining firm on the cigar, and it is still keeping that solid dark gray coloring as well. What I love with the cigar is all the smoke that the cigar produces, and it’s really producing a sheltering cloud around me. 

Beautiful Ct. Broadleaf Wrapper

When I get into the final third of the cigar the flavors are really remaining similar to what they are in the second third, and the strength is getting a little stronger. I would say the strength level is now a little over medium, and close to medium full. Those flavors of raisins, cocoa, coffee and earth are really lovely, and the wood, hay and leather are there to balance it off. The spice level faded somewhat in the second third, but it returned in the final third and was a great compliment to it. The cigar is burning wonderfully in this third, it has the whole time, and it it still showing that dark gray ash on the cigar as well. It smokes cool all the way to the nub of the cigar, and on the end it is still very flavorful. I would say that the final third was my favorite third of the smoke, and I think that was because of the strength level in this third. 

I enjoyed this smoke, and thought it is a great counterpart to most La Flor smokes. The cigar really does possess those La Flor flavors, but at the same time showcases a lighter strength which is very enjoyable from time to time. It was still constructed wonderfully, and had a lovely burn line throughout. One great aspect to this cigar was the beautiful wrapper the cigar possessed. I have to say that La Flor has some of the most beautiful Connecticut Broadleaf wrappers on the market, and this cigar is another prime example of that. If you are a fan of La Flor smokes, then you will love this cigar in the morning, and if you thought the cigars were a little too powerful to you in the past, reach out and try this stick. Have yet to try the Connecticut Shade version, but if it is anything similar to this, then it will be a treat. The first one of these sticks I gave an 88, but the second one I smoked later on got a 90. I don’t know what happened between that time gap, but I am going to give this cigar an 89.  

Grand Maduro 5