Cigar Review: La Flor Dominicana Limitado V

La Flor Dominicana

 When it comes to brands that I love, but do not smoke a lot, I would have to say La Flor Dominicana is one of those brands. Most of their cigars have such powerful flavors and strengths that I find they are great to finish the day with, but not the cigars to begin the day with. I have recently been going to town on the Small Batch and LG Series that have been available at Havana Phil’s, but just recently the Limitado V came in. I was fortunate enough to pick some of these up early on for review, because I will say that there are some guys that go to town on these cigars when the discover them. It was a big year for La Flor Dominicana, and I know this was one of their bigger releases. 

Released this year at the 2012 IPCPR the Limitado V  is the fifth installment in the series. La Flor Dominican Limitados have been very popular among smokers, and I have known many smokers who go to town on them when they are available. It has been ten years since the first Limitado, and it is crazy to see the time since the initial release. Measuring 6.5″ with a 54 ring gauge, the Limitado V is obviously the fifth release in the Limitado series. The cigar begins with an Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper, and it is absolutely gorgeous. The binder is Nicaraguan tobacco, and the filler is composed of Dominican tobacco. The cigar was released with 2000 boxes, and each box consists of 48 cigars. Like all La Flor Dominicana cigars, the cigar is made in the Dominican Republic, and is made at Tabacalera La Flor S.A. 

Ecuadorian Sumatra

The cigar is beautiful in hand, and the wrapper is incredibly impressive. It has a great Natural Colorado coloring, and it is very similar to the appearance of a furniture that is red-brown in coloring. It has very few veins present in the wrapper, and with that it is very toothy in appearance. There are few oils present in the wrapper, and it is very firm in hand. There is a lovely aroma to the cigar and I am picking up some chocolate notes, damp wood, spices and some coffee bean notes. Looking at these cigars side by side there is a  ton of consistency and simple beautiful appearances. I am getting a little bit of pepper notes from the wrapper as well, and I am looking forward to lighting the smoke up.     Lighting up the cigar there are some really pleasant flavors to begin with, and there is this nice malt chocolate ball flavor profile as well. I am getting some hay notes with those flavors, and there are some spicy, hay and leather notes. It is a very enjoyable cigar in terms of flavor, and really not what I was expected to get. The strength level is really softer than I expected as well, and I would say it is at a solid medium body level. The cigar is performing wonderfully in terms of construction, and it is showing a razor sharp burn line with a great charcoal colored ash. Overall, the first third is not what I was expecting, and it is fairly light but flavorful. It is a complicated cigar for sure, and I wouldn’t recommend it to a newer smoker.   

Typical new La Flor band

When I get into the second third of the cigar the flavors are changing somewhat, and the strength is increasing as well. I would say the strength is increasing to a medium full level, and it really is adding a lot to the cigar. The flavors are darkening up as well, and the chocolate note is more of a solid chocolate note rather than a malt ball. The hay and woody notes are still present as well, and the spice notes are beginning to show some pepper notes with it. There are some leather flavors in this third as well, and it is a great transition. Construction wise the cigar is still top notch, and I am getting that nice dark charcoal ash with the cigar. There is a lot of smoke being produced with each puff, and it is a solid second third.  I am in the final third of the cigar now and the strength is increasing more in this third as well. I would say it is right above the medium full note now, and close to full body. It has definitely showing some great transition from the first to final third in terms of strength, and the flavors have really been wonderful as well. There has been a rise in coffee bean flavors in this third, and they are dominating the chocolate notes. There is this unbalanced cafe mocha flavor profile, and it is accompanied by some dark wood, hay and spice notes. The pepper flavors have faded some, and it is a great finish. Construction wise the cigar is still top notch, and the burn line is razor sharp with a lovely and firm ash. On the last draw it is very cool and flavorful, and it shows a great finish.

Nice smoking

Out of all the Limitados I have had, this is my favorite. I have never been a huge fan of the series, they just weren’t my taste, but this cigar possessed a flavor profile that was more my speed. I think Litto and La Flor  make some incredible smokes to begin with, and I can safely say that this was a great release of the year. For one thing, this cigar was beautiful in appearance and smoked wonderfully from beginning to end as well. I think these cigars will be wonderful with some aging, and it is definitely not the strongest of releases by  La Flor. Overall I think this was a very complex cigar, and it is a cigar that an experience smoker will truly pick up all the flavors. I give this smoke a solid 90, and look forward to smoking them again when in for something special by  La Flor.    

Limitado V
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