La Palina El Diario Kill Bill II (KB II)

La Palina

There are consequences for breaking the heart of a murdering bastard. That is one of my favorite lines from Kill Bill Volume 2, and I always like to relate the Kill Bill cigars with the movies. There is nothing better than smoking a couple Kill Bills while watching Kill Bill, and that continues with the second movie and second cigar release. I hope that if Mr. Tarantino releases a Kill Bill Volume Three that Mr. Paley will release a Kill Bill III. Anyways, the Kill Bill II or KB II is out, and I am very excited. I was eager to smoke this cigar when I saw its presences at the IPCPR, and for the past couple days I have been enjoying them quite frequently. It is not the most popular of sizes in demand right now, but I hope that it will make a come back soon.

Like the rest of the El Diario line, the cigar is made in Honduras at the highly acclaimed factory of Raices Cubanas. The factory uses the traditional Cuban method to making cigars and employs only the best rollers. La Palina has a good number of their cigars coming out of this factory, and it a wise choice. The cigar is draped with a Corojo ’99 Rosado wrapper from Honduras, two binders that are Honduran Criollo ’98, and fillers that are Nicaraguan Corojo ’99 and Criollo ’98. The wrapper has a nice reddish brown coloring to it, and it is definitely Colorado Rosado in coloring. It has a present and lovely triple cap, is firm to touch, and has nice aromas of spice, cocoa, rich earth, barnyard and leather. The KB II is almost a traditional panatela in the vitola offering, and is 6″ with a 40 ring gauge. I love this size, and it is almost between a lancero and petit lancero. 

Corojo ’99

Lighting this puppy up I am getting those wonderful and rich flavors of El Diario. There is a nice rich earth flavor profile showing itself early on, and there are some cocoa and coffee notes with that. The cocoa notes are fairly soft in this third, but still there. I am picking up some fruity/jammy notes to the cigar, and it is showing some nice Asian spices with that. With the flavors I am getting some nice thick and concentrated smoke, and the burn line is fairly even. I had to relight the cigar in the third, but it was no major issue. The ash is this incredibly dark charcoal color, and the strength is at a solid medium full level. I am digging the start to the cigar, and look forward to the second third. When I get into the second third of the cigar the flavors are beginning to increase more and more, and I am beginning in to pick up a lot more cocoa and coffee notes. The Asian spice notes are now beginning to show some red pepper notes with that, and it has a lovely leather, damp wood and stone fruit finish to it. The burn line is still a little bit wavy, but it is producing a dark charcoal ash that is holding on to the cigar firmly. There is still a nice bit of smoke coming off of the cigar, and it has a cool draw still. In terms of strength the cigar is still showing that medium full level, and it is masked well by the flavors. This is a cigar that I would start my day with because it really gets your palate rolling.

Lighting up

I am in the final third of the cigar now, and it is fishing just as great as it has been progressing. The flavors in the final third are really all hitting at once, and it is producing a plethora of richness. The cocoa and coffee notes are popping with the stone fruit and leather flavors, and there is a nice damp wood, rich earth and Asian spice finish to the cigar. It has this rich and yet dry flavor profile to it that is very enjoyable. The burn line was still a little wavy in the final third and I had to relight, but it was still a great smoke. These are cigars that will benefit with some aging, and I recommend dry boxing them as well before smoking. The strength of the cigar remained at that medium full level to the end, and the finish was cool and flavorful.

Looking at this smoke versus the original Kill Bill, I have to say that they are both awesome, and my type of cigar. Depending on time really would determine which cigar I would smoke. I will say that these two cigars will be the cigars that I smoke most often out of the El Diario line, and are great and everyday alternatives to smoking the Goldie. The flavor profile is incredibly rich in this cigar, and I love getting that Corojo wrapper with the smoke. I really want smokers to grab some of these, because I think they will find them truly amazing when they smoke the second one. I give this cigar a 91, and would love to see a Kill Bill offering in the new La Palina Maduro line. As I said earlier, if you buy a box of these I would set them down for a little bit before smoking. I think that even in a couple months they will be even better!

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