Cigar Review: Litto Gomez Small Batch No. 4

Litto Gomez Small Batch No. 4

I know I just reviewed a cigar by La Flor Dominicana, but when I was able to pick up some of these cigars I had to continue down that road and review them. I remember when I first smoked the Small Batch No. 2 in 2008, and it was amazing, and now I am enjoying the No. 4. I have always been  a fan of La Flor’s smokes, but I really have loved their Dominican puro smokes. In all honesty you can’t go wrong with a cigar from their Ligero line, their Air Bender line, Colorado Oscuro line, or Coronado line, but their Litto Gomez Diez line really is the best of the best. I think Litto Gomez makes some incredible cigars, and really has a gift of making full bodied cigars that are truly flavorful and balanced. I recently heard that their cigars have been doing very well in Russia, and for some reason that did not surprise me. La Flor Dominicana Cigars seem to be appropriate for Russians.

This years Small Batch is the Small Batch No. 4. The cigar production is limited to 250 boxes of 105 cigars each, and is a Dominican puro. The wrapper is Dominican Pelo de Oro, that is grown on La Flor’s La Canela Farm, and the filler and binder are also from that farm as well. Pelo de Oro is known to be very full bodied, but also rich and flavorful. All the tobacco in these cigars is the best of the best, and it was harvested in 2006, resting for five years. Only a handful of cases were released in December, while the rest will be shipped in January. The cigars measures 7″ and has a 54 ring gauge. The cigars are massive in hand, and feature a beautiful dark wrapper. It is nearly Maduro in coloring, and it has this dark chocolate coloring with a reddish hue to it as well. There are some minor veins present on the wrapper  and it is very oily and silky. The aroma of the cigar is of dark spices, leather, wood, cocoa and coffee. I can tell this is going to be a full bodied treat, and I light it up very eager to get going.   As I work my way into the first third I immediately get tons of flavors. The strength of the cigar is easily full bodied, and I can really feel it in my gut. In terms of flavors I am getting a lot of oak, and there is also some leather. Along with those dryer flavors I am getting some rich earth and coffee notes. There are tons of spices in this third, and I am getting bits of anise, cinnamon, black pepper and red pepper. There is a bit of molasses present as well in the flavor department and it is very complex. The cigar is burning very evenly, and it is producing a very strong ash that is showing color of charcoal gray. With every draw I am getting tons of smoke, and the amount of smokes rings I am getting is amazing!  

Dominican Pelo de Oro wrapper from La Canela

When I get into the second third of the cigar I begin to see subtle change in the flavor profile, but it is still very similar and extremely complex. The flavors of molasses are very prominent in this third, and the coffee and rich earth notes are very present as well. It has decreased some in terms of spice, but I am still getting all those wonderful spice notes of anise, cinnamon and red pepper in this third. It has a nice finish of leather, nuts and oak, and this cigar is wonderful. I am still getting a cigar that is very strong in terms of strength, and it is taking me on a heck of a journey. The burn line is still as perfect as ever with a great long ash. If someone were to walk in the room I was smoking, they would be walking into a cloud of smoke because this cigar is burning slow and producing a great amount of aromatic smoke. I am in the final third of the cigar now, and this cigar is really dominating. I know the Digger is bigger then this cigar, but to me this cigar is much more heavy then the Digger. The spice level has increased in this third, and the strength of the cigar is still very full bodied. The flavors are all over the place in this third, and I am getting a lot of spices, wood, rich earth and molasses. The flavors in this third are more balanced than in the first two thirds, and I am getting tons of notes of all the flavors I have gotten so far the whole way through. I smoke the cigar down to the nub, and all the way to the end it is very cool and flavorful and very full bodied. There is still tons of smoke being produced even to the end, and when I put it down I am spent. A great cigar to finish the day!

What a cigar this was. From the second I lit it up I felt the strength in my gut, and got so many flavors. Litto is great at making a big cigar that are just packed with flavors and very strong. A lot of this cigar reminded me of his Ligero Oscuro Natural cigars, and what a treat it was. While it reminded me of that I felt that it was more elegant and concentrated though, making it a better smoke. I have always enjoyed his Small Batch lines, and I think this is one of the stronger ones I have had, and more flavorful. I think this is one of the fullest bodied cigars I have had in some time, and when you are done with this, it will be your last cigar of the day. This is a cigar to smoke after a big meal or even during one. Unfortunately I had this cigar after a lighter dinner, but when I smoke my next one I am going to have a big steak and a big Cabernet before and during smoking. Truly an incredible cigar, and I am already looking at putting this cigar in my Top 25 list for 2012. This cigar gets a 95, and I know it will get better with age!

Small Batch No. 4
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