Cigar Review: Master by Carlos Toraño Churchill

Master by Carlos Toraño

The Toraño Family has been making great cigars for sometime now, and they have definitely been involved with many other manufacturers making cigars as well, but there recent smokes in my opinion have been some of their best work. Their newest line Master has definitely got a lot of attention from cigar smokers across the States, and I found that it was about time that I finally review it.The Toraño Family has been involved in cigars for many years now, back before the Embargo in Cuba, and I am glad to see that their family is still continuing a great tradition and making wonderful cigars in Nicaragua and Honduras. The newest line Master is really a treasure in my opinion, because it is one of two cigars on the market that directly gives credit to those companies master blender. The Master was created by Charlie Toraño and Felipe Sosa, and from what I have heard and read, the two worked very close together for some time to be able to create the masterpiece that the cigar is.

The cigar begins with an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper and then has a binder leaf from Esteli, Nicaragua. Underneath those two precious leaves is a blend of filler tobacco from Esteli and Jalapa, Nicaragua. Esteli, as many may know, is noted for its strength and heavy flavors, while Jalapa is known for its very aromatic and flavorful tobacco. The two regions are two of the most well known regions for tobacco not just in Nicaragua, but in the world, and I can imagine that the tobaccos picked are some of the finest of those regions. The wrapper has a beautiful reddish brown color, Colorado, and is very oily to touch. There are very few veins present in the cigar and it is very silky to touch. Holding the cigar to my nose I pick up light spice notes, hints of leather, coffee and nuts. I chose the Churchill vitola for this smoke, and it measures 7″ with a 50 ring gauge. The cigar is constructed beautifully and is very firm in hand. The  Toraño Family has two factories, one in Danli, Honduras and one in Esteli, Nicaragua, and this particular cigar is made in Esteli. 

Once I have lit the cigar up and let it get some way into the first third I begin to pick up the wonderful flavors of the cigar. Their are wonderful notes of leather, teak, hickory, salted nuts, earth and coffee, and along with those flavors there is a nice spice, but it has a slight sweetness to it keeping the cigar very balanced and flavorful. To me the cigar is smoking at a perfect medium, and some would find this a perfect evening cigar, and others a perfect afternoon cigar. The burn line of the cigar is even and it has a thin smoke line. The ash is not holding on to the cigar as well as some smokes, but it is producing a wonderful amount of smoke. 

Master by Carlos Toraño (Churchill)

When I get into the second third the flavors begin to open up some more, and I am really able to pick up distinct flavors of certain flavors earlier on in the first third. The nutty notes are that of almonds and walnuts, and I am also beginning to see some cedar and oak notes with the wood notes from earlier. The coffee flavors have become more subtle in this third, and they are pairing with the spicy notes well. The cigar is still staying at a solid medium in the strength department and the burn line is still solid. The cigar isn’t rich as you would get in a maduro you would say, and I would say the cigar is a little bit dryer. With that being said the cigar would go great with a beverage that is more crisp than a heavy and rich one. 

I am in the final third of the cigar now, and I am getting flavors that are very similar to that of the first third. There is still a lot of wood notes present in the smoke, and I am getting a lot more leather notes again as well. The cigar is still really nutty, and there are also those wonderful earthy notes from the first third. I find it very enjoyable and flavorful while not being too sweet or overpowering in that rich character since. I smoke the cigar down to the nub and even when it finishes it remains medium in body and burning cool and evenly. With wonderful flavors and a great construction the cigar really showed some of the best qualities I have seen coming out of the Toraño Factory.

I really enjoyed this cigar, and I am glad I picked some of these up sometime back. I think the cigar is available at an exceptional value and is incredibly flavorful. At no point did the cigar show any qualities of a poorly constructed cigar, and this was definitely blended masterfully. To me I could smoke this cigar first thing in the morning, but I would rather smoke this cigar in the afternoon around lunch time. I would pair this cigar with a wonderful gin and tonic, Coca Cola, mojito, or a nice Pinot Noir. I probably would not enjoy this with any heavy or robust red beside that because I think they would overpower this great cigar, but the drinks I listed would be great. I am giving this cigar a 92 rating, and will definitely be in my list for potential Top 25 Cigars of the Year. Overall you can’t go wrong with this cigar, and I believe everyone who would smoke this would really enjoy it.

Master Churchill
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