Cigar Review: Montecristo New York: Connoisseur Edition

Amazing Presentation

A little while back I was asked by Altadis if I would review their new and limited cigar, the Montecristo New York: Connoisseur Edition. I told them I would be honored to, and eagerly anticipated this new release. When I received the package in the mail and opened it up, the presentation was absolutely amazing. I have never received a sample for review like this before, and I can say that this tops them all. I have tons of photos for your pleasure, and I will definitely add this to my cigar box mantle piece. With that being said, thank you so much Altadis for your respect on my assessments, and let us begin.

Makes me feel special. 🙂 

Montecristo and New York are two big names. Each represent the cream of the crop for what they are, and because of that the two should go perfectly together. The Montecristo brand has been popular world wide for as long as I can remember, and whether you are talking about the Cuban or non-Cuban version they both represent the same top aspects of consistency and quality. Those who would say the non-Cuban Montecristo line is not that great would be foolish to do so, and even though it may not be as rich or complex as a cigar you would prefer, it still delivers a wonderful flavor profile that is smooth and enjoyable from cigar to cigar. New York City is the same way. It is one of the most talked of and anticipated cities in the world, and there have been so many occasions that I have seen those who are in New York City for the first time look around them in complete awe that it just makes you smile. I remember the first time I was there, and I would just look up and still see buildings rise and rise, it was an incredible moment as a child from a small village in upstate New York.

Great Presentation Part II

Altadis is correct in saying that “New York is the most famous and exciting place in the world,” and more importantly it is a city in the United States that is getting hit by tobacco taxes harder than most. I think it is fitting that Altadis launch a cigar because of that. A cigar to honor this great city, and a cigar to say that we will continue to make and smoke great cigars no matter the taxes you put on us. A cigar to honor the city and its cigar smokers, and show the politicians of that city and state that we will never stop fighting for our rights. As Winston Churchill would say.

“Never give in–never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.”

Nice Triple Caps on these Montecristos

The Montecristo New York Connoisseur Edition is a beautiful cigar, and not your everyday Montecristo. The cigar measures 6″ with a 60 ring gauge and is box-pressed. Only the most skilled torcedores rolled these cigars in their Dominican factory, and it is composed of only the finest hand-selected leaves that have been aged for some time. The cigar does feature a triple cap, and the wrapper shows very few veins while remaining silky and smooth to touch. The wrapper is Ecuadorian Habano, and it has a Nicaraguan binder and Dominican fillers. The wrapper is light brown in coloring with some red color visible in the light, definitely a light Colorado in terms of wrapper color. It is very firm to touch, and the aroma of the cigar is of cedar, peaches and fruit bread. I am getting a lovely bit of nutmeg and cinnamon with raisins and nuts.

Nice Wrapper and Nice Bands

Once I light up the cigar I wait some time before really assessing it, and it does not take long before I am getting some great flavors. I am picking up lovely bits of wood and leather right away, and there is a nice sweet spice with that. I am picking up a light amount of stone fruits, but there is also this wonderful raisin and wheat flavor as well. The cigar is around medium in terms of strength and very enjoyable. In terms of construction the burn line is perfect thus far, and the ash is sturdy on the end of the cigar showing lovely white and gray colors. When I get into the second third the flavor profile makes a change, and this is a great cigar so far. I am not getting many stone fruit notes in this third, but there are still bits of raisin present, and I am also getting coffee, rich earth and leather notes. It is a very complex cigar, and truly wonderful. There is some spice to it in this third and it changed between this peppery spice and a light sweet spice. I would say the strength is more medium-full in this third, and I am liking the increase in strength. It is still burning wonderfully in this third the smoke is great for rings.

As the cigar comes to a close the flavor profile changes again, and it is truly enjoyable. I am now getting some lovely light black pepper notes, but there is also a great amount of leather wood and rich earth notes present. It is really an incredible third, and it is like no other Montecristo I have ever had before. I would still say it is around medium-full in terms of strength, and smoking wonderfully. The burn line has been nearly perfect in this third, one side burning a little uneven, but overall really great. The ash is still that light gray and the smoke is very thick around me. I smoke it down to its nub and even at the end it is cool and enjoyable, just wonderful.

Montecristo New York

This was a very enjoyable cigar, and very different from any Montecristo I have had before. I really loved the flavor profiles the cigar had, and I loved that it was box-pressed. I would prefer if the cigar came in a smaller ring gauge, more around 52, but I know more and more people are really loving the bigger ring gauge cigars. With that being said, for a 6 by 60 cigar this was really well made, and it still delivered some amazing flavors. I think New York got a winner with this cigar, and I would highly recommend that smokers in the New York area pick these up. I am curious to see if there would be a line extension with this, and see if they did something like Montecristo Chicago or Montecristo Miami, but you never know. To be honest though, I would love it if they took it to another level and have them utilize all of their lines so that you can get a cigar like Trinidad Chicago, Romeo Y Julieta Los Angeles, or H. Upmann Miami and have them be different blends and vitolas as well. At least I think it would be cool. Overall though, I give this cigar a 92 and thought it to be one of best Altadis Cigars I have had recently. Job well done, and thank you for the samples!  

Montecristo New York

*Cigars gifted to me by Altadis USA Premium Cigars.

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