Cigar Review: Montecristo Sublime Edición Limitada 2008

Montecristo Sublime Edición Limitada 2008

Every year Habanos SA announces the three limited edition cigars of that year, and this year they released a similar size in a great brand. They have been running this program for several years now, and it has been very successful. I find some of the cigars to be stellar, and some to be no where near as good as the core line. The three cigar lines chosen are typically random lines and they are always a different vitola/size to the line. Possibly one of the most popular of these releases in 2018 was the Montecristo Sublime Edición Limitada 2008. The cigar measures 6.4″ and has a ring gauge of 54.  It is a massive cigar and has a beautiful chocolate brown wrapper. The aroma of the cigar is of coffee, nuts, toast and wood, and I have a feeling it will be light and flavorful. The tobacco in the cigar is aged two years prior to rolling, and this is what they offer in all the limited editions. Now this cigar was very popular in 2008, but it has become even more popular as years have gone by. These cigars have been aging wonderfully in my humidor since 2008, and every year I smoke one to see how it will perform and the peak date. I have smoked this cigar in 2008, 2009, 2010, and now, and may I say it only has the ability to get better in years to come. I typically find a time where they don’t get any better, and when that happens I smoke them all up but two. Upon lighting this cigar you are greeted by the wonderful Montecristo flavors of cream, coffee, nuts and subtle spices. I would say the nutty note is really that of almonds, and there is this amaretto flavor to it. There is this distinct flavor profile for Montecristo cigars, and this captures that and more. When I get further into the first third I begin to pick up some more bread and chocolate notes, and it is very smooth. The burn line is razor sharp, and it is leaving a solid ash on the cigar. The cigar  strength is around a solid medium, and it is perfect for any time of day. So far this is a great cigar, and it  has aged wonderfully. I am in the second third of the cigar, and it is still performing wonderfully and producing a great amount of flavor. Those flavors of cream, coffee, wood and cocoa are very pleasant, and it is also showing this flavor profile that is similar to fresh baked wheat bread with nuts as present as well. The strength of the cigar is still a solid medium, and there is a nice light spice on the finish. Still smoking wonderfully, the burn line is still razor sharp, and the ash is the color of light gray. Like the first third, this cigar has aged wonderfully, and these have gotten so good with age. The cigar is coming to a close, and wow, this cigar is amazing. Every year this cigar gets better, and if you have a box of these that have never been opened they are ready to be smoked and enjoyed. The flavors of coffee, cream, nuts, cocoa, wood and toast have been stellar, and as a cigar you could not ask for anything else. Similar to the first third, the cigar is showing this amaretto flavor profile which is great. The cigar is practically perfect in terms of construction and flavor, and the burn line is perfect. The ash has kept the color of light charcoal gray, and it is still medium in body. I smoke the cigar down to the nub, and it is still cool and flavorful. Now when I say take your time and enjoy, you should do that with all cigars, but there are some cigars that are meant to be taken slow. If you have lots of time, this cigar is your cigar. It will capture those great Cuban Montecristo flavors in a large cigar, and will provide hours of enjoyment. I typically smoke this cigar between two and two and half hours, and that is because I really savor every aspect of this cigar. You can’t ask for anything better than this in a cigar. I give this smoke a 94 now, and I look forward to it in  more years to come. One of the best limited edition cigars I have had by Habanos S.A., and available in a large format for a long smoking experience.

Montecristo Sublime Edición Limitada 2008
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