Cigar Review: My Father “S” Special Robusto

My Father “S” Special

Back in 2007 Don Pepin Garcia released his limited edition cigar, El Centurion. The cigar was limited to three sizes of 850 boxes each, and the tobacco used for the cigar was of the highest and limited quality. The cigar was very popular among smokers, and some considered it his best work to date. It was a personal favorite of mine, and I still have a few left hidden from sight, and when I smoked one in May of 2011 I gave it a 96. Click here for past review.  Anyways, as to be expected a lot of smokers were upset when the cigar was no longer in production, but a couple of years ago when they released the My Father blend they decided to do something special. They created a robusto cigar measuring 5″ with a 50 ring gauge that they called it My Father “S” Special Robusto. The cigar had a band that was very similar to El Centurion, and it was later told that the cigar was to be comparable and very similar to the original El Centurion line. The cigar is typically only available at My Father Events, or with box purchases of My Father Cigars from some companies, but some companies are selling the three count boxes individually. Either way, I have had the fortune to try the My Father “S” Special Robusto, and was able to with my purchase of Smoke Inn’s My Father El Hijo. I should say the My Father El Hijo is awesome on its own, but the three pack is definitely a treat.

If you did not get one of my latest posts, or you do not follow Kiss My Ash Radio, I was on the show on December 31st, and while I was smoking/reviewing this cigar on the show, I was also talking with Honest Abe and the other hosts at Kiss My Ash Radio about my site and cigars, and I had a great time. I am finally getting around to reviewing the cigar on the site, but if you want to listen to the show, click here. (You need to play the archive for December 31st, 2011) The cigar as I said earlier is based off the 2007 El Centurion brand which I loved, and is a Nicaraguan puro made at the My Father Cigar Factory.

It comes in only one size, a 5″ by 50 ring gauge robusto, and has a similar band to the original El Centurtion. The cigar is gorgeous in hand with a smooth and oily wrapper, and there are few veins present in the cigar. It has a light Colorado coloring, almost Natural, and the term simple but elegant comes to mind. To use non cigar terms, it is very light brown with some dark khaki colors present as well. Holding the wrapper and the foot of the cigar to my nose I get aromas of pepper, leather, barnyard and some nutty notes.  

Nicaraguan Habano Wrapper

The cigar begins wonderfully, and as to be expected it begins showing those great red pepper notes that you get when you light up a Pepin cigar. As I get further into the first third I begin  get some wonderful earthy, toasty and nutty notes, but I am still getting that great pepper flavor as well. The cigar is burning wonderfully, with a great burn line and a very sturdy ash that is light gray in color. I would say the strength of the cigar is around medium-full, and producing great smoke rings. The cigar does remind me of the original El Centurion line, and though it is slightly different and it has been some time since I last smoked it, this cigar is great. The second third is fairly similar to the first third in the sense that there are some flavors that are very dominant. The nutty notes are still at the forefront, and it is paired with those great earthy notes as well. I have seen an emergence of leather notes in this third, and there is also some woody notes as well. The pepper flavors have faded some in this third, but they are still there in the background occasionally surprising me. The cigar is still smoking between medium and full in terms of strength, and very enjoyable. Burning perfectly, I still have the ash from when I lit up the cigar, and it does not appear to be going anywhere. I can’t think of the last time that I had a cigar made by the Garcia Family that didn’t smoke wonderfully, they really are a knowledgeable family, and very passionate about what they do.

When I get into the final third, the cigar is very similar to that of the first third. The flavors are just great, and balanced. The nutty, wood and leather notes are balanced by some wonderful earthy notes, and there is some spice there as well. Overall it takes on that barnyard flavor profile, and is very enjoyable. The cigar is still smoking around medium-full in terms of strength, and producing a great amount of smoke. I smoke the cigar down to my fingertips, and even to the end the burn line is immaculate, and producing a sturdy ash. The cigar burned cool the whole way through, and it was a great exampled of perfect construction. This cigar definitely reminds me of the El Centurion line in the sense of a great cigar, even if the flavor profile is slightly different.

This was a fabulous robusto, and really a treat with my original order. The cigar really showed those wonderful Cubanesque flavors and provided a great strength as well. In terms of construction the cigar was perfect, and presented no problems whatsoever from beginning to end. I would have to smoke it along the original El Centurion line to see how they compare, but I can say that this cigar is just great. If you ever have the fortune of attending a My Father event, I highly suggest you get these cigars, because they are just great. I know the tobacco is limited for these cigars, and that is why they are not a constant production cigar, but if they ever released these again in boxes of 10, 20 or 25, I would buy a bunch of them and hold on to them. A wonderful cigar that all can appreciate, and worthy of 92 points.

“S” Special Robusto
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