Nat Sherman Timeless Collection #5

Nat Sherman Timeless Collection

Earlier this month I lit up my first Timeless Collection, the Hermoso, and since then I have been praising this line to all smokers in my local tobacconist. The line has really captures so many great flavors and qualities that I look for in a cigar, that I consider it Nat Sherman’s great release, and also quality material for my Top 25. Another great blogger has even said that it is definitely potential for his Top 25. While I don’t think one man is necessarily the only reason for this lines success, Michael Herklots has definitely done a great job in getting this line out there, and also helping Nat Sherman Cigars. I think he has brought all the great qualities that he learned and applied with Davidoff to Nat Sherman, and I have a feeling that we can expect great things from Nat Sherman Cigars in years to come.

For my second review of the Timeless Collection line I chose the smallest vitola, the #5. The cigar measures 3.75″ and has a 43 ring gauge. It is smaller than your typical petit corona, but would fall into that category I would say. The wrapper is slightly oily and there are some veins present in the wrapper that has this natural red/brown coloring to it. It is a solid Colorado color wrapper, and it is a Criollo seed wrapper from Honduras. Underneath the wrapper is a Dominican binder, and is composed of filler from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. It is firm in hand, and has lovely aromas of spices, wood, earth and leather. Like the Hermoso, the aroma is very warm and comforting. It has a solid cold draw to it, and I am hoping that the cigar will remain cool throughout the smoke despite the size. 

Honduran Criollo

Lighting up the cigar, I get a lot of nice flavors that cover a huge spectrum. There are bits of coffee, nuts, oak and leather present, and I am also picking up some soft cocoa and vanilla with spices. It tastes a little bit different than other smokes in the Timeless Collection, but that has to do with the fact that the cigar is a lot smaller than the other vitolas in the lines. It has a great burn line to the cigar, and it is producing a nice charcoal ash that is fairly dark in coloring. It is smoking right at that medium body level, nothing major, and this is a perfect first cigar of the day for me. For being a small smoke, it is producing a lot of smoke, and I am getting some great rings with it. This is a great first half to the cigar, and if the second half continues like this, than I will have definite everyday smoke.   As I get into the second half of the cigar, I am finding a nice continuation of flavors from the first half, and a couple additional subtle flavors. There is still that solid coffee, cocoa, nuts and leather  flavor profile, and the finish of spices, oak and vanilla has been accompanied by this light honey flavor. The spices notes throughout the cigar show this cinnamon flavor profile, and I also picked up on this slight wine flavor profile with the oak notes throughout. The cigar remained medium in body through the second half of the cigar, and the construction was still impeccable. I held on to the ash through the first half and then after tapping it into the ashtray, held on to the entire second half ash. I smoked this little puppy down to the nub, and on the nub it was cool and flavorful.

I have really enjoyed the smokes in the new Timeless Collection line, and the #5 is no exception. The cigar really captures tons of great flavors while presenting a nice strength level, and does it all in a petit corona vitola. I know a lot of smokers are leaning towards larger ring gauge cigars, and that is a shame because they really do not know what they are missing with cigars that are smaller in ring gauge. This is a cigar that provides a great smoking experience in every aspect, and can do in under 40 minutes. This is a perfect lunchtime or morning smoke, and would be great with a cup of coffee. I have been in a huge petit corona and lancero mindset these past months, and this cigar falls into that category. I give this smoke a 92, and I believe this a line that will be getting more and more attention by brick and mortar shops when the proprietors smoke more and more of them.


*cigar for this assessment gifted to me by Nat Sherman Premium Cigar Consultant