Cigar Review: Nat Sherman Timeless Collection Hermoso


When one thinks of cigar shops, Nat’s Townhouse is definitely at the top of the list. Located on East 42nd Street in New York City, the shop encompasses all the great aspects you could think of not just in a cigar shop, but a great tobacco shop. Along with having an infamous store, the company has been making quality cigars since 1930, and have had cigars made in the United States, Cuba and the Dominican Republic. They are well known for their Metropolitan, Gotham and VIP lines, but it was in 2011 that the company decided to make a bright and new change, and have a resurgence you may say into the cigar industry. I feel that a lot of older cigar companies are doing this, La Aurora being one, and like any resurgence there is going to be some additions and depletion. One big factor in terms of additions to the company was the launching of a new line, and under the direction of a certain individual.

img_3471 When Michael Herklots joined the Nat Sherman team, the company did some major changes to the cigar side to captivate today’s smokers.One of the biggest visible changes was with their newest release, and for that they teamed up with well known Quesada Family to make a brick and mortar cigar. Currently there are a lot of smokers who are looking for cigars that are more full and complex in body, and at the same time brick and mortar exclusive. While internet sales will never die, I think smokers are looking for more brick and mortar exclusive cigars as a whole. The Timeless Collection is considered a rebirth of the Nat Sherman brand because of all of these items, and so let us look at this cigar more.

For this review I was gifted the Hermoso vitola, and the vitola is really that of a robusto-extra. The cigar measures 5 1/4″ with a 54 ring gauge and has a beautiful triple cap. The wrapper is slightly oily and some veins present in the wrapper that has this raisin coloring to it. It is a solid Colorado Maduro in terms of coloring, and it is a Criollo seed wrapper from Honduras. Underneath the wrapper is a Dominican binder, and is composed of filler from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. It is firm in hand, and has lovely aromas of spices, wood and leather, and has this warm comforting aroma to it. It has a solid cold draw, and with the cold draw you can pick up those warming aromas as well.

Honduran Criollo

As I light up the cigar I get a lovely beginning of warm spices, and there is this nice bit of pepper present in the cigar as well. There is a nice aged oak flavor as well with the cigar, and there are some cinnamon notes as well. There are some coffee, roasted nuts and raisin flavors present as well in the cigar and it is very flavorful. It’s really a heavy smoke in terms of the flavors, but I would say the strength of the cigar is at a solid medium body. I am getting a solid burn line with the cigar, not perfect, but pretty close and it is leaving a solid ash on the cigar that is charcoal gray in coloring. Overall this is a great start to the cigar, and I am really looking forward to the following two thirds to see where the cigar goes.

When I get into the second third of the cigar I am finding the cigar to show a lot of the similarities from the first third, but the flavors have definitely mingled together more so than the previous third. The coffee bean notes are really that of espresso in this third, and it is paired with roasted nuts and warm spices. There is some bits of vanilla present with the oak flavors from the first third, and the finish of leather and cinnamon are really enjoyable. The cigar burned perfectly in this third, and I am still holding on to the ash from the first third. The strength of the cigar is slightly above that medium body from the first third , but it is still below the medium full level. Like the first third, I am really enjoying every aspect of this cigar, and it is the best Nat Sherman I have ever had.

The final third is still very similar to that of the second third, but right now I am not looking for a cigar to dramatically change, just continuously deliver those great flavors. There is that lovely oak and vanilla flavor profile with the cigar, and it has that nice cinnamon and espresso bean flavor profile as well. I am still getting some light pepper notes as well with the cigar, and it has a nutty and leathery finish. The final third produced tons of smokes while burning cool, and it was still producing a solid charcoal colored ash. I still got a perfect burn line in this third, and I have not had to tap the ash at all. The ash did fall towards the beginning of this third, but it was a solid ash throughout. I felt the cigar kept that medium/medium full strength level throughout, and even on the last draw the finish was pleasant and cool.

I really enjoyed this cigar, and this is huge step forward for Nat Sherman Cigars. I think them hiring Michael Herklots was a brilliant move, and the fact of them pairing with the Quesada Family/MATASA Cigars was also a well executed plan. The cigar really had some depth to it, and also possessed a characteristic that offered pronounced flavors while remaining fairly medium in body. I think this cigar will perform wonderfully with age, and I also believe that dry-boxing this cigar will also offer it the opportunity to excel. I am really looking forward to future production by Nat Sherman Cigars, and if they continue down this road they are really going to make a definite presence in the industry. I give this cigar a 92 and I look forward to future smoking experiences.  


*cigar for this assessment gifted to me by a Nat Sherman Premium Cigar Consultant

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