Cigar Review: Nording 50th Anniversary by Rocky Patel

Nording 50th Anniversary 

If you are a pipe smoker you definitely know the name Erik Nording, but to cigar smokers he may not be as well known. Besides being Denmark’s most well known pipe makers, he is probably one of the most well known pipe makers in the world. Erik Nording has been in the tobacco industry, primarily pipes, for 50 years now and because of that he is being honored with the second cigar bearing his name. Rocky Patel and Erik Nording are close friends, and that is what led to Rocky producing a cigar with his name on it years ago  and producing a second cigar this year. 50 years in any industry is a long time, and it is a prime example of a successful individual in what he does. Erik, congratulations on all of your great work! 

Featured at this years IPCPR, the cigar will not be a limited run but constant production cigar. The cigar comes in one vitola, a Toro Grande, and measures 6″ with a 54 ring gauge. It is draped with an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, and packed with Nicaraguan fillers and binders. Like most new smokes from Rocky Patel is being made in Esteli, Nicaragua and is made at the Tavicusa Factory. The cigar has regal colors on the band, finished with a triple cap and is very firm and heavy in hand. There is a nice bit of oils to touch on the wrapper, and with that it has some veins present throughout. There is a lovely coloring of solid Colorado to it, and it shows a nice reddish clay coloring. At the foot of the cigar I am getting wonderful aromas of spices, and I am picking up some cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg with a finish of coffee and soft cocoa notes.

Ecuadorian Habano

Lighting up the cigar there is a lovely beginning flavor profile, and it is showcasing some wonderful sweet spices. I am getting bits of cinnamon with nutmeg and cloves, and there is a little bit of red pepper to that. Overall it is fairly sweet though, and not powerful. There are some coffee and wood notes with that, and a lovely soft sweet cocoa finish. I am finding the strength level of the cigar to be at a solid medium body, and it is a morning or afternoon cigar. The cigar is burning fairly well but not perfect, and it is producing a flaky gray ash to it. So far there are some lovely qualities to the cigar to begin with and I am looking forward to the remainder of the cigar.  

First Third

In the second third of the cigar I am finding the flavor profiles to remain consistent with that of the first third, and there hasn’t been much fluctuation in any category. The ash is still very flaky, but it is holding on well to the end. I am finding the strength level to remain at that medium body level still and I am sticking with this being an anytime of day cigar. Those flavors of sweet spices are pairing wonderfully with the cocoa and coffee notes, and it has a nice woody finish. This is a great cigar to smoke that will show you those nutmeg, cloves and cinnamon flavor profile. I can not fully remember the original Nording, but I can say I prefer this smoke to that.

Second Third

When I get into the final third I am still seeing those consistent qualities to the first and second third. The flavors are still showing those wonderful spicy and sweet characteristics, and I love the balance between the cinnamon and pepper notes. There are some clove and nutmeg notes with that, and it showing some eggnog qualities. There are still those coffee and wood flavors too, and it adds a nice complexity to it. The burn line on the cigar is still a little wavy and the ash is still flaky,  but it is still smoking very well. I am still finding the strength of the cigar to be at that solid medium body level as well, and it has a great and long finish. To the nub the cigar is cool and very flavorful, and it is definitely a cigar I would smoke again.


This cigar really surprised me, and I think it is the second best release from Rocky Patel this year after the Burn Naples, Florida. I felt that it was a well constructed cigar, and performed very well across the bar in all areas. While it was not the most complex cigar I have smoked, or even the most complex cigar by Rocky himself, it was a solid cigar in terms of flavors. The core flavor profile was enjoyable from beginning to end and very balanced. I felt the strength level was at a solid medium body level which is perfect for most cigar smokers. This is a cigar that a novice smoker could enjoy, and is a cigar that would help him in advancing his palate. To an experienced cigar smoker it is a cigar that could be enjoyed at any time, and would be a nice change of pace from more full bodied and complex cigars. I give the cigar a solid 90 rating and will recommend it to any cigar smoker out there.    

Nording 50th Anniversary Toro Grande 
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