Cigar Review: Padilla Achilles Torpedo ( Edicion Especial 2006)

Padilla Achilles – older band

Some time ago I ordered a Padilla sampler, and one of the cigars in the sampler was the Padilla Achilles. I had never tried the cigar before, but if it was like anything that Ernesto Padilla has blended in the past then I imagined it would be wonderful. Well, I lit up the cigar and was thoroughly impressed, the cigar really showed lovely flavors, and was very soft as well. Most of the cigars that have the Padilla name are very rich and full, but this cigar was not like the others. I immediately ordered a five pack of the cigar, and I am now getting around to sampling/reviewing it. I am not sure where the Achilles name comes from, but the cigar is a blend made for Cigars International and Well, I know where the name Achilles comes from, but this cigar really doesn’t go with the name of the infamous warrior. Actually, I could probably relate the two but it would be very pathetic. With that being said, most of the private blends from manufacturers made for Cigars International and are usually great, and become very popular throughout the country and foreign nations. They have great house blends, and have employees who spend tons of time in Nicaragua and Honduras. I recall being on a cigar forum in Australia that discussed cigars in general, mostly Cuban, and the Man O’ War Ruination was constantly being mentioned by many on how great it was. Heck, I was sending boxes of those cigar to many so that they could enjoy it, and I was given some nice Island treats in return as well. Anyways, on to the Padilla Achilles. 

The Achilles differs from most Padilla’s in the sense that the cigar is not a Nicaraguan puro. The cigar features a Corojo ’99 wrapper from Nicaragua, a Nicaraguan binder, and a tri-country filler of Honduran, Nicaraguan  and Dominican tobacco. As to what factory this cigar is made in, I am not entirely positive, but I know it is made in Nicaragua. This cigar could be made by Nestor Plasencia, A.J. Fernandez or Casa Fernandez. You choose, but my guess is A.J. Fernandez. The wrapper of the cigar has a light brown coloring, barely Colorado, and the feeling of the wrapper reminds me of untreated wood that was just finely sanded. Does that make sense? You know when the wood is fairly smooth, but you want to fine sand it one more time, and you get very few grains? That’s what it felt like. It has a lovely aroma of wood, hay, spices and leather, and I am really looking forward to this cigar.

Wonderful Corojo ’99 wrapper

The cigar begins wonderfully, and t is very light showing some great notes of wood and hay to it. There is also a little grass with that as well. Along with that I got some leather and spice notes present in the cigar. I would say the spice notes are very soft though, and not very peppery, more nutmeg and cinnamon. Along with that there is a little bit of coffee flavors present, not much, but just enough to pick up. The cigar is easily medium body, maybe a little bit lighter and is smoking wonderfully. The ash is very strong and it has a great charcoal gray color to it. I am able to produce some great smoke rings, and this cigar is great anytime of the day, especially in the morning.

When I get into the second third of the cigar it is still very similar to that of the first third. I am picking up those lovely wood and hay notes, and the leather, grass and light spice are still present as well. In terms of the coffee flavors, in this third I am beginning to see a more Café au lait flavor profile, and it is even better than before. The cigar is still smoking at a solid medium, and the ash is still holding on strong. Really different than most Padilla Cigars I have ever had, this cigar is very enjoyable and a nice change of pace. Most of his cigars are more medium-full in strength, and this cigar really shows that he can make a great milder cigar that is still very flavorful.

When I get into the final third I really don’t want this cigar to come to an end. The cigar is still so beautiful construction wise, and the smoke it is giving off is so thick and aromatic. The burn line has been nothing but perfect throughout and this torpedo is packed with a lot of great tobacco. In terms of flavors it has not fluctuated that much from the beginning, but has just been phenomenal and consistent the whole way through. The wood, leather, hay and grass notes have been great, and the coffee and light spice finish is just perfect. Is it complex in terms of flavors changing? No, but it is complex in the sense that there are an abundant of complex flavors present throughout. I smoke the cigar down to the tapered nub and it is still cool even in the end. Marvelous.

This is really an enjoyable cigar, and it is another great example of how blends for Cigars International and can be truly amazing. Believe me, I have had some really crappy house blends before, I mean shitty, and this cigar is not that. I don’t know why retailers want these lines made for them when they are not that great. I don’t understand bundled cigars that are cheap everyday smokes. I would rather smoke one great cigar a day then three awful ones. This cigar though shows that there can be awesome and truly wallet friendly cigars though. I give this cigar a 91. The burn on the cigar was great, the flavors were consistent, and it was just a beautiful cigar as well. I am a big fan of Padilla Cigars, and I think to put the name Padilla on a band you need to have a high quality cigar, and this cigar is definitely that. It is lighter than most of the other Padilla lines, but it still has a plethora of flavors, and very enjoyable all the way to the end. Don’t buy a single or a five pack, buy a Mazo of 20!

Achilles in my new Cast Iron Hand Ashtray
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