Cigar Review: Padron 1926 Serie 80th Anniversary (Natural)

Padron 1926 Serie

When I think of consistency in a cigar from box to box and vintage to vintage I think of Padron Cigars. They spend so much time with every cigar they make that they make the statement our cigars are ready to be smoked. Some say that their cigars get better with age, but the Padron Family makes the statement that their cigars are ready to be smoked now. You do not need to age them or worry about anything, all you have to do is relax and enjoy their cigars. Over and over again they talk about how a cigar is meant to be enjoyed and that it is as black and white as it is good or not good. Well I think the whole cigar community will agree that their cigars are “good,” more like phenomenal  and that is why I am hear today to talk about one of their most unique smokes; the Padron 1926 Serie 80th Anniversary

There are limited hands involved in making these cigars, and the fact that tobacco that goes into these cigars is over five years old shows how important they are. The number of these cigars produced annually is very limited, only 300 daily, and they come in boxes of eight. The cigar is a perfecto grande, and measures 6 3/4″ with a 54 ring gauge. The cigar is available, like all Padron Cigars, in a sun-grown natural or maduro wrapper, and I decided to go with the sun-grown natural wrapper. Like all Padron Cigars the cigar is a Nicaraguan puro, and as I said earlier, made with tobacco that has been rested for over five years. The cigar is beautiful in hand and very smooth to touch. There are no oils present on the cigar, or major veins, but a gorgeous leaf. It is slightly firm to touch and I am getting an aroma of leather, nuts, wood and spices. 


The cigar has a great beginning and with the tapered foot you begin by picking up some great tobacco, leather and spice notes. As the ring gauge begins to increase though you are greeted by some wonderful toast and nutty notes. There are some creamy aspects to the cigar as well and it is a terrific flavor profile. I would say it is a flavor profile I would open the day with but with a cigar like this you typically do not smoke it first thing in the morning. The construction on the cigar is top notch and I am getting a beautiful charcoal colored ash that is holding on firmly to the foot. I would say the strength of the cigar is on that medium to medium full level and it is treat in hand. When I get into the second third of the cigar the flavors of aged tobacco and creamy notes begin to pop out more than ever. I am still getting those core flavors of toast and nuts, but they have become convoluted with the creamy flavor profile. Convoluted is appropriate  but I wanted to go with making up a word like complexified. The spicy notes are there on the finish, though soft, and it is a great cigar. The strength level of the cigar is still between medium and medium full in body and it an afternoon cigar for me as a smoker. The burn line on the cigar is still terrific and providing a beautiful ash on the cigar that is holding on firmly. Overall this is a great smoke.

Beginning wonderfully 
Beautiful cigar

I am in the final third of the cigar now and it is finishing on a high note. I would say it is very similar to the first third, but reversed, and there is a little bit more strength on the finish. Those tobacco, nuts, wood and leather notes really show up wonderfully in the cigar and it has a very smooth finish. The construction on the cigar has been nothing but top notch, and it has been a cigar that I have been able to sit back and enjoy the flavors. The strength level is finishing close to medium full in body and just smooth in every way possible. I am getting a beautiful burn line with each draw and it is producing that terrific charcoal ash to the end. The last draw is cool and flavorful and shows some great creamy, toast and nut notes.

The Padron Family knows how to make high quality cigars and this is no exception. While I prefer the Maduro version to the Natural this is an incredible cigar. I feel that with the Maduro you get a little bit more complexities and a little more strength as well. This cigar showed a terrific core flavor profile and did so with a strength level that is just below medium full. Construction is top notch on this cigar, and it is just a terrific box pressed figurado. If you are not a Maduro guy, and have not smoked this cigar I would pick this one up for sure. It is a special occasion cigar,there is no doubt about that, but it is just a terrific cigar at that. Not that it matters, but when you smoke this cigar others look at you with some respect. I give the cigar a solid 93 and found the wood, nutty and creamy flavor profiles to be oh so enjoyable.

1926 Serie 80th Anniversary Natural
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