Cigar Review: Padron 1964 Anniversary Series “A” (Maduro)

Padron 1964 Anniversary Series “A”

With three hours till kick off of the Super Bowl, I find myself picking out cigars that I will want to smoke tonight. Of course, I saw this cigar in my humidor and since recently smoking it, I decided to review it before the game and smoke it once again. This is a cigar that is perfect for a game like the Super Bowl, because it is a cigar that provides a great amount of flavor throughout that is fairly consistent, a cigar that burns wonderfully, and a large cigar that is perfect for the length of most of the football game because of its size. Like all Padron Cigars, it is nothing but great, but this cigar is particularly exceptional.  

The Padron 1964 Anniversary Series “A” is a cigar that is very rarely seen, and because of that rarely appreciated. The “A” vitola, or the Presidente vitola typically measures over 8 inches in length, and has that standard 50 ring gauge. Because of the size, the cigar captures almost a perfect balance of flavors between the filler and wrapper, and smokes like a very long robusto. The size is still made for some Cuban lines, the Montecristo “A”  being the most famous, and is also made by non-Cuban manufacturers like the Illusione 1 in Dion’s core line. The 1964 Anniversary Series “A” is your standard 1964 line smoke, made with all Nicaraguan tobacco that has been aged for four years. It has a Maduro wrapper that is San Andres Seed, and is finished box pressed and with a nice simple cap.    

The gigantic and beautiful box pressed “A” measures 8 1/4″ and has a 50 ring gauge. I should have mentioned before that the tobacco in this line is all sun grown tobacco, offering very rich and strong flavors. The cigar is very smooth to touch, and also very oily. It has a solid dark coloring to it, and there are a few veins present throughout. The cap is placed beautifully on the cigar, and holding the cigar throughout, it is firm and rolled wonderfully. The wrapper coloring almost has some purple coloring in it like a raisin, but it is very dark brown, definitely Maduro in coloring. As I hold the foot and wrapper to my nose I get wonderful aromas of wood, rich earth, coffee, cocoa and nuts, and I look forward to this cigar very much. 

Beautiful Maduro Wrapper that is San Andres Seed

As I light up this “A” / Presidente vitola, the cigar is burning wonderfully, and the draw is great. As you can imagine, the first third of the cigar is almost the same length as half the length of a robusto, and I am getting some great flavors. Like all Padron Cigars, I am getting those great flavors of toast, coffee, cocoa and nuts, but there is a great amount of spice present as well. I would say the strength of the cigar is medium full for me, and really enjoyable. The cigar is burning perfectly even, and leaving a solid ash on the cigar that is charcoal gray in coloring. This was a great first third, and it really showed those great 1964 Anniversary Series flavors. Overall this line is fabulous, and no matter the vitola you choose you are going to get these great flavors consistently. When I get into the second third, the cigar is still burning very similar to the first third, and that is fine with me. The flavors of cocoa, coffee and rich earth are very prominent, and the flavors of toast, nuts and wood are present and pleasant in the background. The cigar does have a nice finish of leather and spice to it, and this was very enjoyable. The flavors were somewhat more complex from the first third, and it was a nice change of pace. The burn line was still razor sharp through this second third, and the ash still that great charcoal gray color. Once again, the strength was still medium full throughout, and with no concern of the time this cigar smokes wonderfully. I am in the final third of the cigar, and there is still a good amount of smoking time left. With the cigar being so large I should have broken it down into quarters, but I think thirds still captures the great qualities. The flavors are really complex in the final third, and it is almost a culmination of the first two thirds. The flavors of toast, damp wood, rich earth and coffee beans are really present, and there is a nice bit of mocha, leather, spice and orange zest on the finish. As I smoke the final third down to the nub the cigar is still burning wonderfully, and even on the last draw it is still cool and flavorful. The strength of the cigar is still smoking at a solid medium-full, and at no point does it go over that level or below. It is a very well made cigar that shows so many great flavors throughout the long smoking time, and is never boring.

Quite simply, this cigar is fabulous from beginning to end, and it will never disappoint or bore you. The cigar is definitely meant for those times when  time is not an issue, and for the Super Bowl, this cigar is perfect. The cigar captures all those great Padron flavors that you get in the 1964 Anniversary Series line, and provides it in a long and pleasant smoke. I give this cigar a 93, and save these cigars for times when something special is needed, and you have many hours ahead of you. If you are going to purchase this cigar, I find the best way is to purchase them in the Anniversary Gift Pack. The gift pack allows you to get this limited and wonderful smoke while also getting some of the great other vitolas in the line for a great value. Overall, a great cigar for the Super Bowl and any special occasions, and hope you all have some great smokes like this for the game tonight.

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