Cigar Review: Padrón 1964 Anniversary Series No. 4 (Maduro)

Padrón 1964 Anniversary No. 4

On December 4th, 1961, José Orlando Padrón arrived in the United State of America, an emigrant from Cuba. It was a symbolic day for him, not merely because of his arrival from Cuba, but because that is also the birthday of the saint, Santa Barbara. José Orlando Padrón has said that this was the saint he prayed to when living in Cuba and when traveling to America. Santa Barbara is considered a protectorate by him and others, and it is one of those mysterious things that he should arrive in America on the day in which the saint he prays to was born. She is the patron saint of artilleryman, miners and those who work with explosives, and before leaving Cuba, José Orlando Padrón worked in a copper mine. (I almost feel like we are smoking an illusione with the story line to this cigar.) With that date, December 4th, the Padrón Family decided to release a cigar bearing the name No. 4 in the 1964 Anniversary Series. The company had several vitolas in the 1964 Anniversary Series line already, but there was one vitola they had not released on the national market. 

The No. 4 is the largest Padrón released to date and measures 6″ with a 60 ring gauge. Like all cigars by the Padrón Family, the cigar is a Nicaraguan puro and is made in Nicaragua. It is composed of tobacco that has been aged for a minimum of four years, and the wrapper is finished with a lovely San Andres seed wrapper from Nicaragua that has undergone the Maduro process. The cigar is beautiful in hand, and is box-pressed wonderfully. It has an incredibly smooth wrapper to touch, and is practically vein free. It has that solid Maduro coloring that Padrón cigars have, and the aroma at the foot of the cigar is that of cocoa, coffee, toast, nuts and rich earth. There is a lovely cold draw to the cigar, and with it I am getting those great flavors that are commonly found in this line.

San Andres seed Maduro

Lighting up the cigar I am immediately greeted by those fantastic Padrón flavors. There is a definite flavor profile of cocoa, coffee, nuts and toast, and I am even getting some soft spices and rich earth notes with that. There is a subtle hint of coconut shaving, macaroon like, on the finis of the cigar, and it is so enjoyable. The draw is lush, and I am getting tons of smoke with each puff. The cigar is burning razor sharp, and with that perfect burn line there is a nice light gray ash growing. I would say the strength of the cigar is right at that medium level, and it is a cigar that anyone could smoke. So far this is a very enjoyable cigar, and for a 60 ring gauge I am thoroughly enjoying it.

When I get into the second third of the cigar it is still performing wonderfully. I am still having that perfect burn line with the cigar, and with that the light gray ash is growing even more. It is holding firm on the cigar, and as with any Padrón, it is rolled wonderfully. I am getting a lot of those core flavors from the first third, and the coffee, cocoa, toast and nutty notes are quite dominant. There are still some earthy flavors to that, and the toasted coconut shaving notes have faded some. There is a little more spice present in this third of the cigar, nothing major, but present and definitely adding some more qualities. I would say the strength level is still remaining at that solid medium level though, and I am looking forward to see how this cigar finishes.


The final third of the cigar is fairly similar to the first and second third of the cigar, and I see a merging of the flavors from each third. Like most Padróns, it has kept that solid flavor profile of cocoa, coffee, toast and nuts, but the coconut shavings, rich earth and spice notes really become more prominent in this third as well, and it adds a nice unique character to the smoke. It is burning cool throughout, and there is still tons of smoke being produced. I have that perfect burn line to the cigar and with that the ash is keeping that solid light gray coloring. The strength has remained at that solid medium level thus far, and it remains like that through the final third. The last draw of the cigar is still cool and flavorful, and there is just a 60 ring gauge nub left when I am done. 

All I can say about this cigar is that if you are a fan of large ring gauge cigar, and want only the best when you smoke a cigar, then this is your stick. This cigar had all those flavors that you find in a  Padrón 1964 Anniversary, and offered it in a 6 by 60 format. The cigar was larger than I would prefer in a smoke, but with so many smokers demanding large cigars this seemed inevitable and a wise choice for the Padrón Family. While I believe the Anniversary Series to be right on the medium side of things, sometimes close to medium-full, this cigar was a little softer than normal. It definitely had a cooler and larger draw than past releases, and with that it will smoke cooler, but it was still very flavorful. It was constructed perfectly, and I had a beautiful ash the whole way through this smoke. These are definitely a cigar that you should try, and if you are looking for a big stick to play a game of golf with, then I would pick this up. I give the No. 4 a 91 rating. While I prefer other vitolas in the line, it was definitely well made and will do very well in terms of movement. 

Padrón 1964 Anniversary No. 4
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