Cigar Review: Partagás Chicos


Today’s review is of the Partagás Chicos, a smaller machine made cigar from the world of Habanos.  In the past, I had always received great response to reviews on mini cigars. Personally, as someone whom goes out on occasion and does not have time to smoke an entire stogie, small cigars appeal to the 15-20 minute smoking time that works better outside a bar then say a petite corona. Cigar smokers in colder regions also seem to gravitate to smaller cigars when temperatures drop. Thus, I took it upon myself to begin reviewing more Clubs, Minis, and Puritos from the machine made world of Habanos in the coming months. The Puritos size, which is what the Partagás Chicos falls under, is typically wrapped in cellophane, has bands, and come in at approximately 27 ring gauge, employing short filler. There are five current releases from Montecristo, Partagas, Guantanamera, Quinteros, and Romeo Y Julieta.

Review: The Partagás Chicos started with wonderful dried fruit notes. The finish was surprisingly smooth for a cigarillo, and the body was light at first. Strength picked up fast, and the nose had significant spice, enough to awaken the senses. About halfway through, a hint of sweet cream picked up on the draw, while the spice on the nose continued to grow. The Partagás Chicos ended rather full, lasted a good 20+ minutes, and paired perfectly with espresso on my break between work and class. Overall I would say the Partagás Chicos delivered some signature Partagás flavors, a great finish, and decent complexity given the size. I would highly recommend this Purito from Habanos. I did not find it to get hot or tarred at all, and smoked it until my fingertips burned.

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