Cigar Review: Partagás Mille Fleurs

Habanos definitely has some winning petit coronas, hell they have great robustos, double coronas and other vitolas as well, but they have an abundance of great petit coronas in their portfolio. The American market does not come close to competing with them on the size, and it is a size that the entire world truly enjoys. It is not too big of a cigar, but at the same time the ring gauge is just perfect so that it is not too small. I tend to believe that the Dalias or Cazadores are the best sizes overall, maybe even the Franciscos, but the petit corona is a terrific size as well. Habanos currently has 19 petit coronas in regular production and I have only smoked ten of them. Today I look at the tenth and one that never sparked my interest. That Habanos is the Partagás Mille Fleurs, and this is a smoke that was sent to me by my brother Catfish. I don’t know why I never reached out to it, more than likely I was satisfied with other offerings in the Partagás brand, but today I take a look at this smoke.

One of the four smallest vitolas in the Partagás brand, the Mille Fleurs is a petit corona. It is an interesting smoke as this was once machine made, but in 2002 they decided to have it be handmade. It is a pre-Revolution smoke and is available five packs, ten count boxes and 25 count boxes as well. The Habano is composed of all Vuelta Abajo tobacco and measures 129 mm (5.1″) with a 42 ring gauge. The Mille Fleurs is a well constructed smoke and a lovely petit corona in hand. The coloring is beautiful on the stick and it has a great Colorado coloring. There are some veins present throughout and it is oily in hand. It really comes off as a classic Partagás and I am eager to smoke this stick already. There is an aroma of rich earth, stone fruit, leather and oak, and there are some spice notes present as well on the wrapper. The foot is showing some similar notes and it has that wonderful rich earth aroma.

Lighting up the Habano, Catfish is correct that this smoke shows those classic brand flavors from the beginning. I am picking up some stone fruit notes and it has some rich earth, spices and cocoa flavors with that. There are some soft coffee bean notes with that and it is a tasty Habano and with the size, an easy one for those times when you need a smaller smoke. The construction is solid with the smoke and it has a nearly even burn line with a dark charcoal ash on the end. The burn line has a dark black coloring to it, very defined, and there is a nice bit of smoke being produced. The draw is cool and this is a well made petit corona. The body is right at a medium level, perfect for me, and the strength is there as well. So far this is a nice and enjoyable smoke, and one that I would definitely come back to down the road.
When I enter into the second third of the Habano I begin to get more coffee bean notes and it is accompanied by some chocolate flavors. There are those rich earth notes present as well, and it has some spicy and stone fruit flavors that are very enjoyable. It is a little bit creamier in this third and the spice notes have faded significantly. The body and strength continue to smoke at a medium level and this a Habano I could begin my day with, but is also great for those smokers that would end the day with something along these lines. The draw is cool, producing a nice bit of smoke, and for being an affordable smoke, it is rolled well. The burn line is still fairly even and it has that dark charcoal ash on the end. This is definitely a winner of a Habano and I would get a box of these to lie around in my humidor and smoke when needing a pick me up.

As I enter the final third of the Habano, the creaminess really begins to pop and it is showing some nutty and almond qualities with that, and it has a soft coffee bean flavor present as well. There are some earth and stone fruit notes, and it is an interesting twist and finish to this Partagás. There is no spice present on the finish and it is a smooth and enjoyable smoke. The body is smoking at that medium level and it is accompanying the flavors perfect. The strength is there as well and this is a balanced smoke that is fairly complex as well. There has been transitioning from third to third and this is a great petit corona. The construction in the final third is solid, producing a lovely burn line and a nice dark charcoal ash with that. The draw is cool to the end and it is producing the perfect amount of smoke.  

Let’s start by saying there are a lot of great vitolas in the Partagás brand. I mean, if you want a particular vitola, the brand carries the vitola and more than likely it is great. There are a lot of well known smokes in the brand and I love so many of them. The brand has one of my least favorite and yet at the same time most favorite smoke, the 8-9-8, and I could write a whole article on the brand and the smokes offered. Because of all of that, the Mille Fleurs can fall in the cracks and be forgotten. If it was not for Catfish, I would have never reached out for it. The market is not a petit corona market anymore, and most smokers don’t think of the brand as a petit corona brand. With that being said, the Mille Fleurs is constructed wonderfully, produces a terrific flavor profile with a great strength and body level. I would buy a couple box of these and smoke them regularly, the second box being a backup box, and while it is not as great as some of the other smokes in the brand, it is a solid release. I am giving this Habano a rating between 90 and 92. With age they are great, and I imagine young they are tasty as well.

Young Rating: Inconclusive

With Age Rating: 90-92


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