Cigar Review: Punch Gran Robusto Edición Regional España (2009)

A brand we have not paid great attention to, Punch is a brand that is always solid and very enjoyable, but in my opinion gets forgotten about when looking at it’s offerings compared with other brands. The Punch Punch is a classic, no doubt about it, but in the end I believe it can get overlooked by other corona gordas. Because of this, the brand has the opportunity to shine with Limitadas and Regionals, and today I look at a regional for the brand that is six years old. The Habano is the Punch Gran Robusto, and it was a regional release for Spain in 2009. Thus far, I have been very impressed with the releases for Spain, so let’s see how the Punch Gran Robusto Edición Regional España smokes.
punch2bgran2brobusto2bedici25c325b3n2bregional2bespa25c325b1a2b252820122529 Released in 2009, the Punch Gran Robusto was a regional edition for Spain. A total of 8,000 boxes of ten Habanos were released, 80,000 Habanos, and the Habanos came in numbered boite nature boxes. The Gran Robusto is a robusto extra or called a Dobles in the factory, and it measures 155 mm (6.1″) with a 50 ring gauge. Production hailed from La Corona, and that is where most Punch are made. The Punch has a solid triple cap and it is rolled well, showing a nice firmness throughout. The wrapper features some noticeable veins, and the texture is slightly rugged throughout. The bands are applied well though, and the colors really pop off of the solid Colorado coloring of the wrapper. It has a nice red clay color and it is leathery in texture. The wrapper has an aroma of tobacco, salted wood, faint manure, and cherry notes, and the foot is showing some of those stone fruit, wood, spice, and tobacco qualities as well.
punch2bgran2brobusto2bedici25c325b3n2bregional2bespa25c325b1a2b252820112529 The Habano opens up by immediately delivering these stone fruit and salt wood flavors. There is this subtle tobacco flavor present as well, and it is very smooth and enjoyable. There is a soft spice present, a sweet spice, and I am picking up subtle coffee bean qualities with that. It smokes like a Punch with age, and the finish is of tobacco and soft pepper. I would classify the Habano as being medium in body and strength, and it is a medium-full flavor profile smoke. It is a Habano I could have at anytime of day, but more often than not I would smoke it in the afternoon. The construction thus far has been spectacular and it is showing an even burn line with that soft color charcoal ash on the end. The draw has been cool, producing a decent amount of smoke, and this has been a flavor focused experience. punch2bgran2brobusto2bedici25c325b3n2bregional2bespa25c325b1a2b252820132529 I am in the second third of the Habano now and I am finding that there is very little changes with the smoke. It is still deliver that stone fruit flavor profile with salted wood qualities, and it has some tobacco flavors on top of that. There are some subtle cream, mineral, and herbal qualities present, but overall it has a sweet spice and coffee finish. I would say that it is smoking at a medium-full level in terms of flavors in this third as well, and the strength and body are at that medium level. It is an easy smoke that many would enjoy, and you could have this at any time of day. Age has done good things to the blend, that I am positive of, and it is a solid Punch. The construction remains top notch in this third and it is showing an even burn line for the most part with that light charcoal colored ash on the end. The ash is holding on firmly, and it is producing a smooth draw with a nice amount of smoke on the end. punch2bgran2brobusto2bedici25c325b3n2bregional2bespa25c325b1a2b252820142529 When I get into the final third of the Habano I find that it begins to show a slight change in the flavor profile and it is not showing that major stone fruit flavor. It is delivering a solid tobacco and wood note, and it has that saltiness present as well. There are some earthy qualities present and it has a nice coffee and sweet spice finish. The Habano smokes cool all the way to the end and it is keeping that medium-full flavor profile. The strength and body are remaining at that medium level as well and it is a nice finish in terms of body, strength, and flavors. It is very balanced and while there has not been an abundance of transitioning, it has had some depth. The construction remains top notch to the end and it finishes by showing an even burn line with that solid charcoal ash on the end. The final draw is smooth and cool, and it has a nice tobacco finish. punch2bgran2brobusto2bedici25c325b3n2bregional2bespa25c325b1a2b252820162529 I really enjoyed the Gran Robusto and I would have loved to seen where it was in 2009. It definitely has age on it, you can pick that up, and it could age for another five years without losing anything and I imagine showing improvement. The construction was fantastic and it goes to show where Habanos was back in 2009. I think things really got turned around in 2007 for the better, but we continue to see improvement out of Cuba to this date. The flavor profile itself was top notch and it was a flavor profile that was true to the Punch brand, delivering a medium-full flavored Habano with a solid body and strength. The size itself was awesome, and I am a fan of the Robusto Extra offering. You get that robusto quality with an extra inch, and that is a perfect size for the evening. Overall, the Punch Gran Robusto gets a solid 89-91 rating and I look forward to additional years of aging. punch2bgran2brobusto2bedici25c325b3n2bregional2bespa25c325b1a2b252820152529

Young Rating: Inconclusive

With Age Rating: 89-91


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