Regius Exclusivo USA Robusto

There is something cool about seeing an Exclusivo USA band on a cigar. It makes me think of a time when Habanos S.A. is present in the Untied States and we get our first Regional Edition. While a part of me does not see that happening, I believe if it does it is a long way off. In the meantime, Regius of London has given us two releases with the title Exclusivo USA. One of them, the Regius of London Claro Especial Exclusivo U.S.A. I already reviewed and really enjoyed, but today I am looking at the original Exclusivo USA. The cigar were released this year, and the information was released in spring. My good friend Catfish gave us the first review and spoke very highly of the cigar, and that is a man who understands and appreciates Regius of London. Today I am here to follow up on that and share my thoughts. I have been a fan of the cigars by Regius of London so far, liking three of the four releases I have smoked, so I am really looking forward to seeing how this release is.

The Exclusivo USA is a Nicaraguan puro and is being made by Plasencia Cigars in Nicaragua. The cigar was released this year, and shortly after it was announced the company announced the second Exclusivo USA called Claro Especial. For this review I went with the Robusto, and it measures 4 1/2″ with a 52 ring gauge. The company disclosed the tobacco regions in the blend, and it has a wrapper from Jalapa, a binder from Condega and a filler blend with some tobacco from Ometepe. The cigar comes with lovely presentation, and the secondary band has a nice feeling and ring to it. The cigar has a nice Colorado colored wrapper overall, and it is showing some lovely red notes throughout the clay like coloring. The cigar is smooth throughout, and it has some minor veins present here and there. The cigar gives off an aroma of sweet spices, cocoa and earth on the foot, and the wrapper shows some qualities of tobacco and dried wood. The cold draw is perfect and showing a lot of the flavors from the foot.
regius2bexclusivo2busa2brobusto2b2 The first half begins by showing some awesome spice notes, and I am picking up some cinnamon qualities. There are some sugar qualities present with that, and I am picking up a nice chai favor as well. Along with those notes, I am getting some toast and nutty qualities, and it has a nice cedar finish. It is a very filling flavor profile, one that is very strong, but it is also very smooth and easy. It is a well blended robusto, and I am enjoying it thoroughly. The construction on the cigar thus far is top notch and it is showing an even burn line with a nice ash. The ash is slightly flaky on the end, but it is still holding on well. I would classify the strength of the cigar as being medium overall, but it could come off as being medium-full to some. The body is right there as well, and I am thoroughly enjoying this smoke. regius2bexclusivo2busa2brobusto2b5 The second half of the cigar shows a slight continuation of flavors that were present in the first, and it is showing some great cinnamon and sugar notes. There are some wheat bread qualities present as well, and it is making for a balanced smoking experience that is sweet and spicy. I am picking up those nutty and chai notes on the finish as well, and I am really digging this smoke in terms of flavors. The construction in the second half shows some improvement and the wrapper is beginning to burn evenly with the cigar and it is producing that lovely charcoal colored ash. The ash is holding on firmly to the end and it is giving off a nice bit of smoke with that. The draw is cool and flavorful to the end, and I find that the strength and body level are smoking at a medium level this time around. regius2bexclusivo2busa2brobusto2b4
I really enjoy this line and the size was great as well. I think it would be superb in a smaller or bigger format, but I am going to smoke some of the lanceros to capture the experience I am looking for. I think it is a flavor profile that many would enjoy, and it can speak to a connoisseur or an amateur quite well. It is not overly complex in terms of transitioning throughout, but the flavors present definitely have depth. The construction was solid throughout, though not perfect, and I believe it is a cigar that would benefit from being smoked at a lower RH level. I have been a fan of most of the products that Regius has released, and I can say that after smoking samples of this line for review, it is a cigar that I would have around in my humidor so I can come back to it over and over again. I believe this is a cigar you can have now or age, and with some age it will get even better. Right now, I am giving this smoke a solid 89 rating but I believe with some age it can get an even better rating.

Seth’s Humidor Rating: 89