Cigar Review: Rocky Patel Edicion Unica: May 28th, 2011 (Humo Jaguar)

Humo Jaguar

Like the Habanos Festival in Cuba, every year Honduras holds a cigar festival of their own called Humo Jaguar. At the festival manufacturers in Honduras present the cigars they typically make, but they also make a special cigar that will be smoked at the festival, and there is a friendly competition along with that to see who the winner will be. Their is a large panel who reviews the smokes and assesses at the end. You have manufacturers such as Rocky Patel, Casa Fernandez, Camacho, Nestor Plasencia and more taking part, and the result is a great time filled with great cigars.

Edicion Unica Toro

All the cigars at the festival are Honduran puros, and are made in Honduras. Rocky’s cigar is your standard toro measuring 6″ with a 52 ring gauge, and is absolutely beautiful. I don’t know if this cigar is now made in Nicaragua at Rocky’s Tavicusa Factory, or is still made in Honduras, but the cigar was made in Honduras. It is rolled in the traditional Cuban style with a triple cap and two binders. The wrapper is a lovely and dark, and the blend consists of ligero tobacco from the Jamastran and  Talanga Valley. I do not know where the binder is from, in terms of region, but it is also Honduran. The cigar is going to be a limited release, and is limited to 500 boxes of 100 cigars each. The cigars for this assessment came from Box #173, and they are available at a great price. The cigar is gorgeous in hand. The triple cap is great, and the wrapper is fairly toothy and smooth to touch. It is not particularly oily, and it has some minor veins present throughout. The coloring is close to milk chocolate, and I would say it is between a Colorado and Natural in terms of the coloring scheme. As I said earlier, it measures 6″ with a 52 ring gauge and it is very firm in hand. The aroma of the cigar is amazing, and I am picking up bits of coffee, earth, toast, nuts and cocoa. Looking at the foot you can see that the cigar was rolled beautifully and the coloring is very even throughout. It has the same style bands as the Decade, but this is not the Decade in any way.

Edicion Unica

After cutting the head I let the cigar get some way into the first third before really assessing the flavors. I will say that right away though I am getting lots of peanut and coffee flavors. The cigar really shows some incredibly flavors from the get go. I am predominantly picking up notes of peanut butter, but I am also getting lots of coffee and wood notes. The cigar does have a finish of leather and pepper to it, and it is really pleasant. I would say the cigar is around a solid medium, and very enjoyable. The ash on the cigar is very firm and has a very light gray coloring to it, with a perfect burn line as well. So far this is a great start to the cigar. In the second third of the cigar I am beginning to see an increase in strength, and I am also getting a pleasant increase in the the spice flavors as well. The cigar is still burning perfectly in this third, and the ash is still that beautiful light gray color. I am getting a great amount of smoke which is great for rings, and I would say the cigar is now a little bit above medium, but not quite medium full. (medium medium-full … haha) In terms of flavor I am getting those great flavors of peanut butter and coffee, but I am getting a little bit more sweet toast and leather notes as well. It has that nice finish of wood and spice, and there is a little bit more complexity to the spice than just pepper in this third. This is a great second third to follow up the nice first third. I am looking at the final third now and the cigar is ending wonderfully. The peanut butter flavors have died down some, but it is still very nutty and toasty. There are a lot of wood and coffee flavors present, and the spice level is still very steady and pleasant. The cigar is finishing around a solid medium and for having mostly ligero in the blend they have done a great job at blending it. In terms of construction the cigar really shows its quality with the razor sharp burn line, and the ash is holding on very tight to the cigar. Smoking it down to the nub it is still very cool and easy, and I am burning my fingers and lips.

Simple but beautiful wrapper

It is not hard to see why this cigar did so well at the Humo Jaguar, and I for one love it. It is not a cigar you expect when smoking a Honduran puro, and I say that because it is milder than most Honduran puros. The cigar showed a great amount of flavors throughout, and was constructed perfectly. One great thing about this cigar is that you can smoke it any time of day, and it will never overpower you or your palate. I loved the unique flavors to it, and it is probably one of my favorite Rock releases of 2011. I think overall this is my second favorite release after the 50, and it is to bad that it is a very limited release. I give this cigar a 92 rating, and it is a cigar that you will want to buy a bunch of so that you can hold on to them when they are all out. Rocky and Rocky Patel Cigars has really come a long way in the cigar industry, and every year he keeps producing better and better cigars. I remember when the only Rocky Patel lines that bore his name were the Vintage Series and Sun Grown, and it is amazing to see these new lines. I look forward to his release of 2012, and wish him best of luck at next years Humo Jaguar Festival. Great job Rocky!

Nice ash
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