Cigar Review: Romeo Y Julieta Wide Churchill

photo5-2 Everybody I know has been raving about the Wide Churchill since I can remember getting into Habanos. My good pal Todd asks me every time we speak if I have tried one yet, and threats of bombing always follows.  Therefore, Mr. Tuna finally smashed up my block with one when he heard about my lack of experience with said blend, and I jumped at the chance to sit down and review it.  Personally, I am a big Romeo fan, and they seem to get a bad wrap in the forums.  I love the short and regular Churchill blends, along with several of their smaller ring gauges as they all seem to have this rich flavor with a floral compliment. Date of the box is unknown, but my guess is it is younger being a newer release. Dry Draw: stone fruit, white pepper

First Third: Heavy stone fruit met my palate immediately on the draw, complimented by earth undertones and a marked body.  I can see why folks like this, as the Wide Churchill is rather strong from the get go and an attention grabber.  The retro had the slightest white pepper burn as well.  As I turned the cigar in my hand, I could see plume developing on the wrapper.  Tuna has a good box on his hands.  Dark honey and tea hit me as well, along with the stone fruit notes.  The profile was full flavored and heavy on the palate without tiring.  This is a great example of body versus flavor for a budding aficionado that wants to experience power and flavor without palate burn.


Second Third: Sometimes I think I tend to relate cigars to a good latte, but really, that is what comes to mind.  When you get a fine single region light roast or a blend with complexity, the combination with foamed milk provides perfect balance between cream and nuance of a great coffee bean.  That is what comes to mind as I smoked the Wide Churchill.  Sharp stone fruit keeps haunting my mind, so distinct that I would pick this out for a newer smoker developing their palate to experience it in a cigar.  My notes suggest the stone fruit is extreme as I neared the final third.


Final Third: Youth began to rear its ugly head, which to me is typically grassy notes, or hay as some describe.  This requires a bit a patience, and sitting the cigar down to slow the burn.  The finish was till bold, coating my mouth entirely.  A strong acidic blast came into play, with honey an tea leaves as well.  The retro and draw had both, with a strong pepper beginning to finish on my lips.  The finish was heavy overall, and I relate that to a powerful meal, something that leaves a distinct impression.  The ending was very complex with the citrus, pepper, tea, honey, and stone fruit notes coming in and out. 


Final Thoughts: The Wide Churchill will shine with age, given the larger ring gauge.  I think the complexity of the blend needs more time then a smaller ring, due to the large amount of filler.  I highly recommend this as an after dinner cigar, as the bold flavor will compliment spirits enjoyed after a rich meal.  For me this is a 10ct box buy, as it is not something I would grab for regularly, but it is something I would like from time to time when looking for a good kick.  I can see why so many folks rave about this cigar, as the profile is aimed more towards the American palate.  The ring gauge is definitely a bit too large for my tastes; however, judging by the last pic, that did not deter me from smoking every last bit of it.


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