Cigar Review: Room 101 LTD. Namakubi Papi Chulo

Papi Chulo 

In this day and age when time is a precious commodity there are so many smokers like myself who have trouble finding them time to enjoy a great cigar. Most people do not have the time to enjoy a great cigar during their lunch, and are often forced to put down their robusto before it is even finished. Yes there are some petit coronas available to smoke, but if you are like me you get a little picky and want the cigar to be of the highest quality. With that being said, I have found the perfect lunch cigar in a line that has been a favorite of mine for some time, the Room 101 LTD. Namakubi Papi Chulo.      

Like the cigar, this will be a quick review, but still in depth. I feel that spending a lot of time reviewing this cigar would be wasting valuable time for your to go down to your local shop and pick a few of these up and begin smoking them. I know I have reviewed the Namakubi line before, in particular the Sucio and Monstro vitolas, and in each they performed wonderfully. With a name like Namakubi, which has a story behind it, each vitola has a meaning to the name as well. The Papi Chulo gets its name from a Dominican and Puerto Rican slang term for “Mac Daddy.” I will say that this name is appropriate because this cigar is the mac daddy of all cigars in its size. The best in the lightweight class.

The cigar is draped with a great Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, and has a binder from Honduras that is grown from proprietary seed which they call Generoso. The filler is a blend of Honduran and Dominican tobacco, and Matt Booth emphasizes that it is “Vuelta Abajo,” Cuban seed. The cigars are made in Honduras at the Racho Jamastran farm and factory run by the Eiroa Family. The cigar measures 4″ with a 42 ring gauge, and comes packaged in a great cabinet of 50 cigars. The cigar has a great colored wrapper that is silky and smooth touch with few veins present. There is a nice color of natural brown to it, with a reddish clay hue. It is a very firm cigar, and has a great aroma of spices, wood and fruit bread.

Nice colored wrapper

Because of the size of this cigar I am going to be reviewing it in halves. As I cut the head I get a great draw to the cigar, and a nice bit of cold draw flavors. Once I light up the cigar I am immediately greeted by lovely flavors from the wrapper which you don’t get as much of from the other sizes in the line. There are hints of lemon peel to the flavors, but I am getting those fruit bread notes along with light spices and wood. There are some definite tobacco flavors to the cigar, and it is performing well in terms of construction. The burn line is razor sharp, and it is leaving a nice light gray ash to the cigar. I would say the strength of the cigar right now is at a solid medium. When I get into the final half of the cigar I am beginning to get a lot more spice notes to the cigar, and I am even getting some definite pepper notes. There is a nice flavor profile of wood notes, cedar, oak and teak, but there are still some subtle sweet fruit bread notes from the first half as well. It is definitely stronger in the second half of the cigar, and I would say at this point it is around medium full in body. It is not harsh at all, still burning cool, and I am still getting that great burn line from the first half. I smoke the cigar down to the tiny nub that it has, and even on the last draw I am getting those great wood and pepper notes.

This was a really enjoyable cigar, and it showed some really nice and pleasant flavors for such a petit cigar. I wouldn’t say it was a petit corona totally, but it was very close in size. This is a great smoke for less then 30 minutes, and one that will keep you satisfied with a solid strength and pleasant flavors. With a cigar of this nature it is going to be hard to find a cigar that is very complex and deliver a wide array of strength and flavors, but this cigar comes pretty damn close. Overall I find these cigars to be great for those lunch breaks when time is a major factor in your decision, and I give this cigar 91 points. A lovely cigar that will pair wonderfully with any beverage, and keep you smoking through numbers of them fairly quickly. 

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