Cigar Review: Room 101 LTD. Namakubi Tiburon


While Thanksgiving is coming up, the more exciting news is that on Black Friday Matt Booth of Room 101 Cigars will be at Havana Phil’s. That is right, Matt Booth will be here in Greensboro, NC and it will be a show! Phil will be busting out some remaining boxes of the infamous O.S.O.K., showing off some Room 101 jewelry for those bad-asses that can pull off skull rings, and of course showcasing Namakubi, Daruma and Room 101 San Andres smokes. I will also be in attendance, and throwing out a 5 pack of Room 101 smokes and a 5 pack of random goodies to the lucky winner after a box purchase. Anyways, because Cigarmageddon is this Friday I will be reviewing some Room 101 smokes in preparation.

For some reason I have never reviewed the Tiburon vitola in the Room 101 line, and I am ashamed to admit it. It seems odd that I did not review the cigar that offers the smallest ring gauge in the line, but I did not, and I am here today to do so. The Tiburon measures 6″ with a 44 ring gauge, and is a Lonsdale format offering. Tibron is Spanish for shark, and maybe it is a reference to the cigar being long and sleek. As you know, Namakubi, makes reference to a severed head that was presented on a platter at the end of a conflict to the winning side, and just talking about it makes me think of those old classic Japanese Samurai films. The cigar is draped with a lovely Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, Criollo seed, and has a binder from Honduras that is grown from proprietary seed which they call Generoso. The filler is a blend of Honduran and Dominican tobacco, and Matt Booth emphasizes that it is “Vuelta Abajo,” Cuban seed. The wrapper has a lovely silk texture to it, and there are some veins present. I would say it falls between the Natural and Colorado side of things. It is firm in hand, and has aromas of wood, leather, coffee and spices.

Ecuadorian Habano

The cigar has a wonderful Namakubi beginning, and I am getting tons of spice notes. I am picking up bits of nutmeg, cinnamon and even some light pepper notes with that. There are some definite coffee bean notes, and they are more that of espresso beans. Along with that I am picking up some dark chocolate notes and there is some great wood and leather notes with that. I am picking up bits of grass and hay notes, with a tiny bit of lemon peel, but it is much softer in this cigar offering. There is a great burn line to the cigar and it is producing a charcoal gray colored ash that is fairly flaky overall. I would say the strength of the cigar is at that medium full level, and it is a great smoke anytime of day.  It is hard to say if I prefer this over the Sucio right now, but we will see in the end.   I am in the second third of the cigar now, and I am finding the spice level to increase even more now. Those nutmeg and cinnamon notes are very powerful now, and the pepper notes have also become more and more present. There are still some great dark chocolate and coffee notes showing to the cigar, and the wood and leather notes are popping also. They hay, grass and lemon peel notes have faded in this third, and it is beginning to show more rich and dark characteristics over the summery flavors. I am seeing an incredible burn line throughout the cigar thus far, and while the ash has been a flaky dark charcoal color, it has held on to the cigar firmly. The strength of this cigar is remaining at that medium full level throughout, and it is a very pleasant smoke.  

So begins greatness

When I get into the final third of the cigar I have found that the flavors from the first third have returned, and it has become a lighter cigar in terms of the flavors again. The grass and hay notes are still soft, but more present than they were before. The lemon peel notes have returned, and they are matching those wonderful coffee and dark chocolate notes. There is still a nice leathery and oak flavor profile, and the spice notes are still very present. The cigar is burning wonderfully in this final third, and it is keeping that flaky charcoal gray ash with the perfect burn line. The strength level has been at a solid medium full level since the beginning of the cigar, and the finish is cool and flavorful to the nub. Truly a great example of a small ring gauge cigar, and a wonderful vitola in the Namakubi portfolio.    

I am a big fan of this vitola offering because it has the length and ring gauge I am looking for. It is basically a Lonsdale in vitola terms, and it gives the smoker the chance to get those filler tobacco flavors, but a lot of the wrapper to the cigar. I found in this offering it was a little bit more spicy than other offerings, and also darker in terms of coffee and cocoa notes. I found that the lemon peel notes were not as present in this offering, but it was still very enjoyable. It is tough to say if I prefer this offering over the Sucio, but I must say that I would grab this one more often than the Churchill format because of the smaller format. Overall this is a terrific line, and I consider it the best release from Room 101. I know there are some huge O.S.O.K. and Daruma fans, but I love me the Namakubi. I give this cigar a solid 93, and can not wait to smoke them on Cigarmageddon! 

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