Cigar Review: Saints & Sinners 2012 Churchill (Tatuaje)

Saints & Sinners 2012

As many cigar smokers know, Pete Johnson has a social club called Saints & Sinners. Besides sending out an annual package of cigars and goodies, there is an online forum devoted to the members who can talk about anything the feel the need to talk about. Just for the record, it is filled with Tatuaje nuts, but they talk about more than just the Tatuaje cigars. The club has been around for two years, we are in the second year now, and it has been incredibly popular from the beginning. Every year Pete puts in cigars that are prototypes, future releases and fun blends, and cigar smokers have the opportunity to try out some Tatuaje smokes that are not currently on the market, or ever will be. I have been working my way through the smokes, and a couple nights ago I came across one that just blew me away.

The cigar is adorned with a simple Saints & Sinners band, and since it is a Churchill in vitola I am calling it Saints & Sinners 2012 Churchill. If that is wrong, I am sorry, but it seems like a respectful title giving the circumstances. When I first smoked the cigar I assumed it was a Maduro wrapper, and I assumed it to be Connecticut Broadleaf as well. After further research on the forum I discovered that the smokes information was released.  The cigar measures 7″ with a 47 ring gauge, and as I assumed was a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. Underneath that was a 2008 La Estrella Habano Criollo binder, and the filler was also 2008 La Estrella Habano Criollo tobacco. It is designated as being the Tatuaje La Vérité base. The wrapper is nearly pitch black in coloring, and while it shows some veins here and there it is very oily and slightly toothy. There is a great aroma of Christmas spices, damp rich earth, dark cocoa powder and some definite tobacco notes as well.  

Dark Ct. Broadleaf

This is going to be a quick breakdown because the flavors were similar throughout, but I will say that certain thirds showed more flavor nuances than others. Throughout the whole cigar I was getting those rich dark earth flavors, and I found that the further I went into the cigar they became a little bit softer. The cigar started by showing soft dark cocoa powder notes, but in the second third they really popped, and returned to being in the middle of the road in the final third. There were some lovely Christmas spices throughout the whole cigar, and they are always sweet and present on the finish. I picked up some nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon; it was great. There were some very subtle damp and aged wood notes throughout, but nothing major and more of a background flavor profile. Throughout the whole cigar I had a great burn line, not perfect but close, and it was showing that lovely light gray ash that remained firmly on the cigar. I would say in general the cigar remained at a solid medium/medium-full strength level, and it had a cool, long, and flavorful finish.  

 The first person that came to mind when I finished this cigar was a knowledgeable cigar smoker by the name of Stace Berkland. I know he is a fan of Connecticut Broadleaf cigars, and I think this one would be right up his alley. The cigar was just constructed beautifully from beginning to end, and at no point did it lack any amount of flavors. Pete Johnson really does wonders with Connecticut Broadleaf wrappers, and it is a shame this cigar is not available. I understand the limitations with cigar releases, but I know that this cigar would be a huge hit if released; and probably outweigh production capability. I only was able to smoke one, that is all that comes in the Saints & Sinners release set, but the one I smoked was incredible. I give this cigar a solid 93, and if I could ever get my hands on more I most definitely would. So far this club has been well worth every penny, and I would recommend it to many cigar smokers out there.   

Saints & Sinners 2012 Churchill
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