Saints & Sinners 2012 Robusto (Tatuaje Black Label Robusto)

I must say that the Saints & Sinners social club is most likely the coolest club/group in the cigar industry. It is such an ingenious concept to develop something along these lines that it could only be done by Tatuaje. It is a club that is devoted to those who are huge fans of cigars by Tatuaje, but the great part about it is that it gives those smokers the chance to try new releases, limited releases and even future releases. The box is filled with a variety of cigars from Tatuaje and really encompasses his whole portfolio. It is a club that emphasizes the enjoyment of cigars and socializing with fellow Saints & Sinners brothers. I know I am looking forward to 2013, but right now I am going to talk about a smoke from 2012.

In the box of cigar was a unique robusto that bore the band of Saints & Sinners. I knew what the smoke was before I removed the band, but if a smoker was unaware all he or she had to do was remove that band to find the second band of the infamous Tatuaje Black Label. It was only recent that the Black Label line became more readily available. Before then it was a unique and flavorful line that was only available at events or other occasions. The line was created to be a flavor bomb and not be based off appearance. The cigar came about after Pete spent some time on a mysterious island and was smoking some local smokes and not regular production cigars. The Black Label is a Nicaraguan puro and is finished with a Criollo ’98 wrapper. It has a smooth texture, not oily or rough, and shows some veins throughout. It is not beautiful in appearance but has a lovely aroma of spices, leather, chocolate and fruit notes. The cigar measures 5.25″ with a 48 ring gauge and is a terrific size.

img_2740 Lighting up the closed foot I begin to pick up an aroma of barnyard and light spices. The first draw shows those great flavors of damp wood, rich earth combined together and it is a classic barnyard aroma. There are some sweet cocoa notes with that and it has a little bit of coffee, sweetness and fruity notes. Overall the smoke is smooth and creamy and producing a great amount of smoke. The draw on the cigar is perfect, and it is producing a light gray ash on the end that is just light and slightly flaky. I will say that the strength of the cigar is not above a medium body level by any means and it is a cigar that I could smoke anytime of day and I do. It is a cigar that I could smoke back to back and never get bored. When I get into the second third of the cigar I begin to pick up some stronger creamy notes and it is pairing with those chocolate and and earthy notes wonderfully. There are still those woody flavors with the cigar, along with some coffee and spices, and it has a smooth and sweet finish. The fruity notes have faded some in this third but overall it is a great smoke. The draw on the cigar is still terrific and it is producing a great amount of smoke that is light and not engulfing. I am finding the strength level on the cigar to still be at a solid medium body level and it is a morning, afternoon or evening smoke. The ash is still very light in coloring and it is light in texture showing some flaky notes and occasionally falling off the end. img_2744-2 img_2750 I am in the final third of the cigar now and the flavors are still dominating and enjoyable. There is a great balance to the cigar and it shows with every puff. That medium body strength level is terrific and still present as it has been throughout and I am still saying anyone could smoke this cigar. The flavors of cream, coffee, cocoa and earth are still on the forefront but I am seeing a rise in some Asian spices and fruity notes once more. The finishing flavors on the cigar are of sweet spices and to the end the cigar is a flavor bomb. The last draw on the cigar is very cool and still producing a great amount of smoke that has been the case from the beginning. The burn line got a little wavy in this third, but it was nothing major and it continued to show those light gray coloring of ash and a slightly flaky characteristic with that.

I loved this smoke as I love all cigars that are in the Black Label portfolio. I believe the cigars capture the smoker where they should, and that is in the flavor profile. It is a solid medium body cigar overall, but has tons of flavors from beginning to end. Whether the cigar is a petit lancero, lancero, robusto or even corona gorda I find it to be terrific and one of the best cigars around in my opinion. I think this is one of the most inspiring smokes because it is a true flavor bomb. I think that this is a classic and one of the first examples of a cigar being very flavorful while not being overly strong but medium in body. It is a cigar that anyone could smoke and all would enjoy. I give the cigar a solid 93 and it made me wanting another one right afterwards; the sign of a great cigar.