Cigar Review: San Cristóbal de la Habana El Príncipe

You want history?  That is what my man Tuna is for.  Tuna is a world-traveled man of mystery that will dig deep on a marca and give the reader all the pertinent information on a brand.  Me? I come from the aqueducts, so you get raw dog review, styles unbreakable and shatterproof like my man ODB.  The following review took place while listening to old men whiff putts in the afternoon and cursing their golf games, while I sat back and enjoyed one of the finer things in life: a wonderful Habano by the name of El Principe. 

Dry draw: honey, spice

First Third: The retro was sharp with spice, and the draw gave me the dark honey notes I experienced sucking on the El Principe before I lit up.  At times, I felt like I tasted caramel, along with hazelnut, cocoa, and cream.  The finish was all over the place and lingered long enough to go inside, grab a drink, and come back with the cigar fresh on my mind.  I picked up subtle Anaheim pepper on the retrohale, while the tongue was experiencing the rich nutty flavors.  Any reviews could be all over the place with the beginning of this cigar really.


Second Third: The draw continued to become richer, like Silver Spoons rich with a hint of Alyssa Milano.  The finish continued to grow, with marked spice, and as the body of the retrohale grew, the flavors morphed into a liqueur feel.  I did pick up some hay notes at times, but I slowed my pace and they went away.  This might have been youth showing for a bit as well, but not long.  It is hard not to smoke cigars this flavorful fast. The notes were the same, but the depth and pronunciation on my palate stood out.


Final Third: The retrohale was blasting my nose with the nutty flavors, almost as awesome as a Rodman nut blast on Malone in ’98.  The finish reminded me more of a light roast coffee at that point, as it lingered for what seemed an eternity.  I still experienced the green Anaheim notes, and the retro continued to tease my tasting notes with all the flavors mentioned in this review at any given time. 

Final Thoughts: the El Principe is a conundrum.  Other than a short period of about 2-3 months, everyone I have had from these two boxes has been great and they just keep getting better.  How is one supposed to age a cigar like this, when they can be had for under $5 a stick at your friendly local neighborhood LCDH? Personally, I think they have the body and power to entertain the Nicaraguan smoker and I highly recommend them.  To the newer Cuban smokers, they present body, spice, and finish in a small package that is affordable.  For the collector, they provide a great fresh rolled cigar perfect with coffee first thing in the morning, or a great sneaker in the afternoon when time is of the essence.  Of the entire San Cristobal marca, this is my favorite cigar and I would gladly pay double if I could find a well aged box.

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