Cigar Review: Sol Cubano Cuban Cabinet No. 4

Sol Cubano Cuban Cabinet No. 4

Finding an everyday cigar that is constantly going to deliver tons of flavor and be incredibly affordable can be pretty tricky. Of course everyone has a different idea on what an everyday cigar is, and that all depends on the pricing and the cigar itself. When I look for an everyday cigar I look for a cigar that is under $5, packed with wonderful flavors, and is typically a short robusto or a corona vitola. With that being said I found the best everyday cigar a little over three years ago and it still is a bomb. If you have never tried the Sol Cubano Cuban Cabinet line then you are missing out, and I strongly suggest you go to Cigars International or and pick up a box. The most expensive box is around $90, and if you want to spend a little more you can get a 10 count box of culebras for $120, that is 30 cigars at $4 a stick. If you are curious, the culebras do rock! My favorite vitola in the line is the No. 4. Measuring 5″ with a 42 ring gauge the cigar is awesome. It is packed with beautiful Nicaraguan fillers, a Nicaraguan binder, and a gorgeous Ecuadorian Habano seed wrapper that is rare and oily. The cigars are made by A.J. Fernandez in Esteli, Nicaragua, and ever since the beginning they have been great. I have bought boxes of these smokes throughout the years and each year it is incredibly consistent. I actually have about a half a box left from when these cigars were first released in 2008 and in 25 count boxes and not just 20. Anyways, the cigar is beautiful to hold and it is very oily. The wrapper is a very light brown and is between Colorado Claro and Colorado. There are few veins present in the cigar and it is very silky and oily to touch. Holding the foot and wrapper of the cigar to my nose I am gifted with wonderful aromas of pepper, spice, leather and wood. As I let the first third build up some I begin to pick up lots of spice notes. There are hints of pepper, cinnamon and paprika present up front, and it is accompanied by hints of cedar, oak, dirt and leather. The flavors are very complex and full, and with that the cigar is around medium full in strength. There are a lot of qualities to this cigar that show great characteristics of La Flor and My Father smokes, and you could say they are a blend of the two in someways. The cigar is burning perfectly even, and the ash is a very solid light gray. I am getting thick smoke with this cigar, and it is giving me great smoke rings. Awesome daily smoke.

Cuban Cabinet

After an amazing first third I am in the second, and the cigar is still kicking. There is an emergence of rich coffee notes, and it is paired wonderfully with the spice notes from earlier. I am still getting those wood and leather notes as well, and each draw has a finish of rich earth that is almost chocolaty. The cigar is still around medium full in strength, and still burning wonderfully. The ash is still a light gray and producing thick smoke. These are really great cigars, and I love to age them. At first they are spice bombs, but over the years they loose some of the strength and end up around medium in body but still as flavorful. I have some plume on my cigars from 2008, and I am looking forward to lighting one of those up sometime soon.      Looking down at the cigar, I know this great experience is about to come to  a close as I am halfway in the final third. So far the cigar has delivered incredible flavors and a great strength in a cigar that I can enjoy any time of the day. As you can expect the great flavors are continuing into this third, and it is still showing all those wonderful spice notes. I am beginning to pick up some hints of Eastern Spices in this third, and it is accompanied by this cafe mocha flavor. The cigar has a slightly dry finish of wood and leather, and it is still medium-full in strength. As I smoke the cigar down to the nub it is still burning cool, and it is an amazing cigar. I love this cigar. I give this cigar a 92, and for the price and the fact that this is a daily cigar you can’t go wrong. When I look for a daily cigar I really don’t look to substitute flavor and strength for capital, and that is why this cigar delivers. A.J. Fernandez as been making great cigars for so many manufacturers and himself, and this is no exception. It was with this cigar that I first heard the name A.J. Fernandez, and since this cigar I have never forgotten it. If you are looking for a daily cigar, give this line a try and find your favorite vitola of the selection that they have. I assure you that will not be disappointed with this cigar, and once you have had them you will want to buy a box. Cigars International and have such great relationships with so many manufacturers, and are so knowledgeable in cigars as well, that they will not disappoint you in their products. These aren’t crappy in house cigars that retailers have for themselves, these are high quality smokes.   

No. 4