Cigar Review: Sosa Underground Delphic

Sosa Underground

Just recently I was contacted by the Antillian Cigar Company to review some of their new products, and I was more than honored to do so. I have smoked their original line, Sosa Cigars, some time ago, but had not smoked another of their products in some time. It did incredibly well in ratings back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, and it is a company that has continued to do well over the years. They have definitely been around longer than most, and they have built up great relations through the years with the Fuente Family and others.


One their newest lines, and as they put it “hippest” is the Sosa Underground. The cigar is their first cigar not to be made in Honduras or the Dominican Republic, and is actually made in the great city of Miami, Florida in Little Havana. The production is very limited, only three hundred cigars a week and they will be available in two sizes. I should say that this a very small number to be produced, and this is truly a boutique cigar.  The two sizes are produced in the perfecto vitola, which is a great size because it offers the smoker a chance to really see how ring gauges play a factor in the cigar. You have the opportunity to get a part of the cigar with a larger ring gauge, tasting for more of the filler, and also have the opportunity to get thinner ring gauge sections, more of the wrapper. I was gifted with the Delphic vitola, which measures 5 ½” and has a 41 ring gauge. The cigar is packaged in boxes that feature pictures/tattoo works from the local artist Jay Barranco.

The cigar is great in hand, and I love how it feels. It is a very firm cigar, and the wrapper has a nice dark hay grass color to it with very few veins present. Both the foot and the head of the cigar are finished, and the head is finished with a pigtail cap. The wrapper is giving off lovely aromas of leather and earth, and as I cut the foot a little bit I am getting some spicy notes as well. It is fairly smooth to touch, and slightly toothy as well. The wrapper is Habano seed from Nicaragua, and it features Nicaraguan tobacco in the filler and as the binder leaf. 

Nicaraguan Habano Wrapper

Because of the size of this cigar, I am going to be reviewing it in halves. As I light up the cigar I am immediately greeted with great flavors from the wrapper, and there is a nice bit of spice and pepper present. It has a nice firm draw that I wanted, and I did so with my smaller cut on the tapered head. The cigar is burning very wonderfully in this first half, and it is leaving a razor sharp burn line with a solid white ash. As I got further into the half I began to pick up some solid flavors of wood, earth and leather, and I was still getting those great spicy and pepper flavors as well. I would say the cigar was slightly over medium-full throughout, and very enjoyable. Definitely a great perfecto, and very well made.  

When I get into the second half of the cigar I find it to be performing just as well as it was in the first half, and smoking wonderfully. The burn line in this second half was still perfect, and I just had my first ash from the beginning of the cigar. The ash is still a solid white in terms of coloring, and the cigar is producing a great amount of smoke that is great for smoke rings. I would say the flavors in this half became a little more complex, and along with the leather, wood and dry earth notes, I was getting some unsweetened cocoa as well. It is not a rich cigar, very dry, but very enjoyable. The cigar also contained some nice spice notes as was expected in this half, and I love the peppery finish as well. I smoked the cigar down to the tiny tapered nub, and when I put it down I am still getting some great dry and spicy flavors with a cool finish. 

I really enjoyed this cigar, and I found it to be a great quick smoke. I would probably smoke more of these in the morning than anytime else because it had some solid flavors to start off the day, and it some strength to it as well. The price of these cigars from what I have seen are very affordable, and I think it would be sweet to buy these cigars in cabinets of 50. It is not very complex, and it does not change dramatically throughout, but there are some definite flavors present from beginning to end which I enjoyed. The fact that these are made in such limited numbers in Miami, and that they are a Nicaraguan puro are very appealing to me, and I give this cigars an 88. This is definitely a great cigar to pick up if you are short on time and want a nice medium-full bodied smoke that will perform wonderfully and give you some nice spicy and peppery flavors.  

Sosa Underground Delphic

*Cigars for this review were gifted to me by Antillian Cigar Company for review.