Cigar Review: Swag SoBe Edition Lavish


In the beginning of 2012 Oliveros established Boutique Blends Cigars. The company would be a subsidiary of Oliveros, and its main goal was to create, produce and distribute, boutique brands of Oliveros. The company would begin with lines such as Swag and Aging Room, and while those lines were produced before its beginning, they would be moved under Boutique Blends Cigars. So far there have been several new additions this year to the Aging Room brand and the SWAG brand, and while I have tried some of the new  Swag smokes, I have not tried the new Aging Room. I have been a fan of the original releases in the Aging Room brand, and partially because of the fact that it was a Dominican puro.

At the 2012 IPCPR Oliveros announced the release of the newest addition to the Swag brand, and it would be the Swag SoBe Edition. The SoBe Edition pays tribute to South Beach, Miami. Miami has been the city of cigars in the United States for sometime, and Florida has been the cigar state as well I would say. The new Swag is similar to the original in the sense that it is a Dominican puro, and is made in the Dominican Republic at  Tabacalera La Palma. The details of the tobacco are not given, but they do specify there is some ligero in the blend. For this review I was given the robusto-extra vitola, named Lavish, and it measures 5″ with a 54 ring gauge. The cigar has a very dark Colorado wrapper, and is leathery to touch. There are some veins present throughout with stretch marks, and it is slightly oily. There is a lovely aroma of leather, nuts, wood and spices at the foot, and with the wrapper I am picking up some grassy notes.

Dominican Wrapper

Lighting up the cigar it has a great beginning, and is showing some lovely flavors with a great strength level. I am getting tons of smoke with each draw and the draw is very cool. Early on it is showing some distinct pepper notes, and with that there is some woody and nutty characteristics. There is a bit of leather and cocoa as well on the finish of the cigar, and even some floral notes as well. I am getting a great burn line with the cigar, and it is showing some dark gray coloring. The ash is holding on to the cigar firmly, and construction on this cigar is superb. I would say the strength level of the cigar is right over that medium body level, and I am digging this cigar. I am a sucker for Dominican puros, so it that is definitely a plus. I am in the second third of the cigar now, and the flavors are similar to that of the first third but very enjoyable. I will say that the grassy and floral notes are more prominent in this third, and that the cocoa notes have toned down some. There is a nice bit of pepper, wood and leather notes still, and the nutty finish is really enjoyable. It is definitely a complex cigar, and a dryer flavor profile as well. This is one of the reasons why I love Dominican puros, and why I have a lot of them in my humidors. I am finding the strength level to remain at that level right above the medium body level, and it is close to medium full right now. The cigar is still producing a solid firm ash that is charcoal gray in coloring, and producing a great amount of smoke that is perfect for rings.

SoBe Edition
Lavish unraveled

 When I get into the final third of the cigar the finish is still wonderful, and it is leaving a nice long and dry finish. The leather, toasted nuts and wood flavors are really prominent in this third, and they remain on my palate for sometime. The pepper and spice notes are still present as well, and add a nice complexity to that dryness. There is a bit of floral flavors present on the finish, and it adds a nice slight sweet finish to the cigar and makes it even more complex. The cigar performed wonderfully in terms of construction from beginning to end, and with that had a cool draw that produced tons of smoke. The burn line was nearly always perfect and had that dark charcoal coloring throughout. I was getting a strength level right above that medium body level all the way to the end, and on the finish it was smooth and flavorful.

This was a very entertaining cigar, and a great Dominican puro. I still believe that Dominican puros are difficult to make, and more so than any other puros. With that though, if you make a great Dominican puro, it is amazing. The construction on this cigar was spectacular from beginning to end, and it produced a great cool draw with tons of wonderful smoke. I loved the flavor profile throughout the cigar, and from beginning to end it was complex, balanced and unique. This is definitely not a cigar for every smoker, and that is because of the complexity it possesses. On a completely side note I love the bands on the cigar. It really captures that Miami coloring, and those colors from the great television show Miami Vice. Without a doubt, a great release from Oliveros and Boutique Blends. I give this smoke a 91, and look forward to picking these up in shops down the road.

Swag SoBe Edition Lavish