Tatuaje Cojonu 2009

Cojonu 2009

I have just finished the Cojonu 2009, and I have completed my assessments of the dated Cojonu line. I know there is still the Gran Cojonu, but I am not going to be reviewing that cigar right now. I started this series of posts with the Tatuaje Cojonu 2003, moved on to the Tatuaje Cojonu 2006, and am now finishing with a cigar that I have enjoyed for sometime. Released in 2009, this cigar was the most recent installment to the Tatuaje Cojonu “line” before the 2012. Released every three years, the cigars are all different blends, but hold on to the same similarity of being a very strong cigar. As I mentioned in my last post, the cigar wrappers are now all Ecuadorian Habano, but there was a time when the cigars were Nicaraguan puros, and utilized tobacco from certain growers in Nicaragua. The first release of the Tatuaje Cojonus initially used wrapper tobacco from AGANORSA, but in 2006 Pete began to use wrapper tobacco from Nestor Plasencia’s farms. Eventually and finally he has begun to use tobacco from Ecuador that has been grown by the Oliva Tobacco Company. They grow tobacco, predominately wrapper leaf, for some of the biggest names in the industry, and it is great tobacco.
While the filler and binder tobacco is still all Nicaraguan, the wrapper  was once Nicaraguan Corojo Ligero, but is now Ecuadorian Habano. The cigar comes in a single vitola, a large torpedo vitola, and measures 6 3/4″ with a 48 ring gauge. Now other bloggers have said the cigar measures 7″ with a 49 ring gauge, and I would agree because I measured, but the first measurements given are the specified length and ring gauge on Tatuaje Cigars website. It’s really great to see a cigar with a tapered head, and be a Churchill in size. The concept of a Churchill Torpedo is very cool to me, and if you like big cigars with a tapered head, then this cigar is right up your alley. The cigar is rolled impeccably, and has a beautiful tapered head. It is a very firm cigar, and there are definitely some veins present throughout. Like most Cojonus, it has a dark chocolate brown wrapper, Colorado Maduro in coloring. The cigar possess aromas of cocoa, rich earth, spices, nuts, coffee and leather, and it is really offering the aroma and flavor profile I enjoy in a cigar. 

Nice dark wrapper from Ecuador 

As I light up the cigar I am greeted by some nice soft black pepper notes. I say soft, because it is not strong as the usual Pepin Pepper Blast, PPB for short, but it is still present. I really enjoy the PPB when I first start a cigar, because it really gets you paying attention, and shortly after you are hit with a ton of flavors that are complex and it calms itself down as well. As soon as the PPB has faded, I begin to pick up some toasty notes, along with some coffee, cocoa, nuts and wood. It is a rich cigar, but not too rich or sweet, but balanced and flavorful. The cigar is burning wonderfully through the first third, and I am getting an ash on the end of the cigar that is solid gray and coloring. The smoke is slightly thinner than other Cojonus, but it is still enough to get some smoke rings now and then. I would say the strength of the cigar throughout the first third is around the medium level, but as I get further in the strength increases.

When I get into the second third of the cigar the strength has increased, and it has been gradually increasing with every puff of the cigar. I am not getting a lot of cocoa, spice and rich earth flavors, and it has a nice toast, nutty, wood and coffee finish. It is almost as if I am drinking a spicy cafe mocha. You get that spicy and sweet note first off, and then you get this nice coffee finish. Definitely flavorful, right now this cigar is my favorite of the Cojonus. I am still getting a solid burn line halfway through the cigar, and this cigar is constructed the best of all the Cojonus I have had. It is not burning too warm, very cool, but also very flavorful. Really a great cigar so far, I am loving the strength in crease, and it is slightly above medium full at this point.

Great tapered head

As I enter the final third of the cigar, I have reached the summit in terms of strength and flavors, and there is no going downhill. It plateaus out in terms of strength at full, solid 10 out of 10, and the flavors are beginning to show those that I got when I first lit up the cigar. The final third begins showing those mocha flavors from the second third, but as I get further into it I begin to get a lot more pepper, some definite wood and coffee notes, bits of leather, and a nice toasty and nutty finish. The cigar finishes like a true Tatuaje Cojonu, and shows all those full bodied experiences you can get in a cigar. Even on the last puff though, the tapered head was still cool and flavorful, and I was getting a perfect burn line all the way to the finish. Truly a great cigar, this cigar showed so many great aspects from beginning to end, and a great two hour plus smoke.

When all is said in done, this is an amazing cigar. Most likely my favorite of the Cojonus, and that is because of everything this cigar has to offer. I love the cigar vitola as a whole, I love the flavor profile, I love the strength, and overall this cigar was constructed the best of the three. I know some are a big fan of the Cojonu 2003 and even the Gran Cojonu, but I found those two vitolas to be either too big or too strong. This cigar was the perfect balance of all the cigars and really showed excellence. I have definitely found these cigars to have been getting with every release, and the 2009 surpasses the 2006, and gets a 95. I really could not ask for anything better than this after I smoked it, and one of my favorite Tatuaje smokes. Box-worthy!  

Torpedo + Churchill = Churchpedo… no Torphill… no Churpedo