Cigar Review: Trinidad Reyes (Cuban)

Trinidad Reyes

Sometimes good things come in small packages, not always, but with the Trinidad Reyes it is the case. The Trinidad line is a great line that has managed to fly under the radar for sometime. Like mentioned in my early blog on the Trinidad Robuto “T”, the Trinidad line was once a private line similar to the Cohiba. When the line was initially released for the public it consisted of one size but the Reyes vitola was released in 2003 with the next three sizes. The cigar is a beautiful petit corona that measures 4 3/8″ with a 40 ring gauge. Like the other Trinidad vitolas it comes with a pigtail cap and amazing flavors. Not only is the Reyes the most affordable Trinidad vitola, but in my opinion can go head to head with any other Trinidad vitolas or petit coronas on the market. The cigar is packed with amazing flavors while remaining very smooth and really showcases the excellence of its blenders. In my research on the line I found it interesting that some say the line was initially released to be popular amongst American smokers who access Cuban cigar illegally. I forgot to mention this earlier but the cigar gets its name from the city of Trinidad in Cuba that is on the southern coast. The city is actually been a UNESCO Heritage site since 1988. The cigar has wonderful aromas showcasing hints of teak, cream, spice, grass and sweet tobacco. Because the cigar is a small petit corona I will be going by halves. I could go by thirds but I think the middle third would just be a blend of the first and third. The cigar begins with wonderful flavors of herbs, coffee, leather, cedar, spice and grass and has a wonderful smooth mild body to it. The cigar is smooth but still captures a nice spice to it. The burn is perfect for a cigar of this size and it is incredibly complex. As I enter the second half of the cigar notes of hay become prominent and there is a diminish in spice. There are hints of nuts, coffee, lots of grass and a hint of stone fruit. The cigar burned very well and was not hot at all down to the nub. This was a beautiful petit corona and I would have to give this cigar a 92 rating. This is going to be my new smoke for when I don’t have more then an hour to smoke. There are tons of great Cuban petit coronas but this one really intrigued me more than others. A lot of the time with petit coronas it takes a good amount of age before they really get great but I think these are truly worth it.  This cigar really captures lots of flavors in such a compact size. It has a nice body to it and would be enjoyed by all. Imagine a Smart Car with a V8…actually don’t. Really a great cigar for your money and a great cigar to have in your humidor.

Infamous Trinidad Pigtail cap