Two Great Petit Corona's – Bolivar and Por Larranaga

Bolivar Petite Corona
Por Larranaga Petit Corona

These two petit corona’s are in my opinion the best coming out of Cuba. The Por Larranaga brand is one the smaller brands coming out of Cuba, and probably not well known which is a shame. The Petit Corona for this brand is amazing. The cigar comes in cabinet’s of 50 and is sold at a great price. I have never gotten a cabinet of these, but I have smoked a handful of these throughout out time and they are all great. The Bolivar is a larger brand, and though noted for different vitola’s in the brand, the petit corona is among the best. Both of these petit corona’s are very flavorful and very full in body. I have had some major fluctuations in the wrapper color for these cigars, sometime light and sometimes dark, but they always deliver such great flavor. These are great cigar to enjoy when you don’t have much time but still want to go for a ride.


The wrapper on the PLPC, Por Larranaga Petit Corona, was in bad shape. When I got this smoke I noticed that this wrapper was not as good in quality, but I smoked the rest of them so this was all I had left. It has a nice color to it with a wonderful triple cap, but it has a tiny crack halfway up and some soft spots in it. The flavor of it was of tobacco, cedar, coffee, and fruits, and remained very full bodied throughout. Even though the wrapper was a little worse for wear, it burned well and remained a great smoke. I give this cigar an 89. If you are a cigar smoker that only has about 45 minuted everyday, then I would go with this cigar.


To me, Bolivar’s are the Padron’s of Cuban Cigars. They are just full flavored and full bodied all the time. The BPC, Bolivar Petit Corona is no exception. Loaded with a punch and flavor this cigar is hard to compete with. The wrapper in this smoke was very dark and slightly box pressed with no problems on it. Most BPC’s need a lot of rest. I have found that they get much better every year. I have had this box for three years, and they are a lot better then when I got them. I don’t buy these smokes often, partially due to the fact that they need to age, but when you have an older box then you are set. Right away this cigar hits with you tons of spice, wood and earth, and only gets more complex as it develops. Towards the end I was getting lots of cocoa, spice and wood, and the cigar was getting really strong. I had no problem with the burn on this smoke, and though I prefer the PLPC over it, I would have to give this cigar the upper hand with 90 points. Overall, if you are going to buy either of these two I would go with the Por Larranaga for many reasons. I think for the most part Por Larranaga has a better Petit Corona, and the Bolivar brand excels in other sizes. The petit corona size is still one of the more popular sizes world wide and though the Montecristo No. 4 is the top seller, I think these two have them beat everyday of the week.