Cigar Review: VegaFina Sumum Edicion Especial 2010

VegaFina Sumum

More often than not we see cigars made for the United States market, and eventually they become available in Europe and they grow in popularity over there. That was not the case with this cigar. Originally intended for the European market, the VegaFina was one of the most popular Dominican cigars in Europe, and with the brands success they began to launch limited edition/annual cigars each year. In 2010 they released this cigar, the VegaFina Sumum Edicion Especial 2010. The cigar was incredibly popular in Europe, and Altadis decided to release a small batch of them to selected retailers throughout the United States. The cigar should be in shops currently, and let me tell you one thing. These cigars are really incredible.

I should note that these limited edition/annually released cigars were released in tubes to Europe, but they have been packaged in boxes of ten and untubed for our market. Through the rumor mill I have heard that the reason we are now able to pick them up in boxes of ten is because they ran out of tubes, but I try not to get sucked into the news/rumor mill of the industry. Made in the Dominican Republic at Tabacalera de Garcia by the recently retired Jose Seijas the VegaFina line is a true boutique cigar by Altadis, and is incredibly flavorful and light in terms of strength. I have heard that even with Mr. Seijas retiring, the factory is in good hands as he been teaching the current supervisor, his late apprentice, for over 15 years. I should also say that I can see why these cigars are popular in the European market because of their characteristics as a cigar, and I can see them being very successful in the United States as well given the recent trend in preferred cigars by smokers. Anyways, back to the VegaFina Sumum.   

Sumum is Latin for “the highest, the greatest, or the summit,” and it is really a great word for this cigar. As Altadis spokes personnel has said, “for some, it is an unreachable challenge. For us, it was a pleasurable accomplishment.” The cigars full name is VegaFina Sumum Edicion Especial 2010, and this cigar aged well since 2010. The cigar comes available in one vitola, a beautiful 5″ by 54 ring gauge robusto, and is composed of wonderful tobacco. The wrapper has been aged for two years, and it is Ecuadorian grown Cuban seed wrapper tobacco. The tobacco was harvested at its prime, and was specially chosen for the dark and rich color it possessed. The binder has been aged for three years, and it is a Santa Domingo binder from the Dominican Republic. Finishing the cigar off, we have filler tobacco that has been aged for three years, and is tobacco from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Peru.

Ecuadorian Cubano Wrapper

The cigar is beautiful to look at, and is incredibly firm. There are some veins present with the cigar, but it is slightly gritty to touch, and very smooth and silky in other areas. It has a wonderful coloring of red clay, with some wood colors present, and it is definitely Colorado in coloring. There are great aromas at the foot of wood, cocoa, hay, herbs, lemon peel and nuts, and I am eager to light up the cigar. As I light up the cigar I am immediately greeted with some wonderful flavors, and a nice easy strength as well. I am detecting bits of lemon, herbal notes, coffee, mineral notes, nuts, cream, hay and some wood, and this cigar has tons of flavors. It is very complex, and in terms of strength I would say it is between mild and medium for me. Truly an enjoyable cigar with a great burn line and a beautiful whitish gray ash.  

When I get into the second third the cigar is still performing wonderfully, and I am really impressed by this cigar. There are so many flavors going on with this smoke that I am all over the place, and I am continuing to tell Havana Phil how great this cigar is. I keep smoking this cigar and think that is shows some similarities to the Namakubi line, and also the Copacabana line by Casa Fernandez. It also shows some great Cubanesque qualities as well. There are tons of flavors up front, but in the second third I am beginning to get some creamy notes which I wasn’t in the first third. There is definitely some coffee, cedar, almond and walnuts flavors present, but I am loving the mineral, floral, hay and lemon finish that this cigar possesses. It is still burning perfectly even, and the ash that I am holding on to has some great coloring to it. I would say the cigar is still under medium in body, but very lovely.

Sorry Rocky, this ain’t no 50!

I am in the final third now and this cigar is going strong. The flavors are so enjoyable and complex, and the strength is so light, that I could smoke this anytime of day and be incredibly happy. It is finishing with wonderful hints of cream, nuts and cedar, and it is very pleasant. There are still some hay, floral, mineral notes, and a slight bit of coffee and lemon on the finish, and just under medium in terms of strength. It is such a flavorful and enjoyable cigar, and construction wise it is performing perfectly. The burn line is still razor sharp even at the end, and the white ash is gorgeous. I had two ashes with this cigar throughout, one half way through, and the other at the end, and as I close down on the nub of this cigar I am getting ready to light up another one. The finish is still flavorful and cool, and this cigar was rolled incredibly well.

What a terrific cigar, and one of the best cigars ever by Altadis. I really loved this cigar, and hope they have releases like this every year. I must say that, one of the great things about them is that even though they are a large manufacturer, they are working very hard to create a boutique smoke, and have a boutique feel. That is tough for a company of their size, but they are doing it! They have done that with the Warlock, and they are doing that with the VegaFina brand. This particular cigar shocked and awed me like no other, and I can honestly say that anyone who picks up this cigar will love it. I almost want to make people smoke the cigar without any bands and have them guess what the cigar is. If I were Altadis I would have forged up a fake factory, don’t put the VegaFina name on it, not even credit for the cigar, and release it under Sumum just to see the response from smokers. Make up a fake manufacturer or something. I don’t care if you think this cigar that is made by a massive cigar manufacturer, and it will be like another Altadis. Wrong, pick up the cigar! You will truly enjoy this cigar. I give it 94 points, hands down, lights out!

VegaFina Sumum Edicion Especial 2010

*Cigars gifted to me by Altadis for review, and more purchased by myself!