Cigar Review: Viaje Oro Reserva VOR DT (Double Torpedo)

Viaje Oro Reserva

In 2011 Cigar Aficionado announced their Top 25 Cigars of 2010, and coming in at #2 was the Viaje Oro Reserva VOR No. 5. For most, it was the first time they have ever heard of the brand, and for some who were fortunate enough to have those cigars at their local brick and mortar shops, they were fortunate enough to have them readily available. I have heard from many people that before the placement of that cigar they never moved, and from some I have heard that when that was announced everyone at their shop was like “it’s about time.” Either way, I find it to be one most boutique cigars ever to make in the “top three” by Cigar Aficionado, and I am so happy for Viaje because of that. There are so many great boutique cigar companies on the market right now, that when one makes it to “the show” I am always ecstatic. Being boutique, the manufacturers spend a lot of time on the road, and customer gets a lot of face to face time with them. Once they begin to do very well as a cigar manufacturer and become majorly national, you almost feel like you are a part of it because you have supported them since the beginning.   

Viaje is Spanish for “journey,” and as Cigar Aficionado said it, this company has really gone on one. From being almost unknown, to highly demanded, this company has continued to intrigue smokers across the nation. Led by Andre Farkas, the company really captures those boutique qualities, and in no way is massively producing cigars. He has a lot of short runs being released throughout the year, and even his core line cigars are still few in number. He was fortunate to pair up with one of the best factories and growers in the industry with Eduardo Fernandez of AGANORSA and Fabrica de Tabacos Raices Cubanas S. de R.L. in Honduras to produce great cigars. Like all the cigars coming out of the factory, they are made in the Cuban fashion, and finished with a great triple cap.

Released in 2011, the Viaje Oro Reserva VOR Double Torpedo (DT) was the follow up to the ever successful Viaje Oro Reserva VOR No. 5. Both cigars are very limited in their production, and are additions to the Viaje Oro line. There are two lines, Oro and Platino, that are similar in appearance, and I have found myself preferring the Oro version over the Platino version. I find the Oro line to be more full in body, and also more rich and complex. The cigar consists of a select Corojo ’99 wrapper from Nicaragua, and has a Nicaraguan binder and fillers. The double torpedo is box pressed, and measures 5 ¾” with a 52 ring gauges at the center. Both tapered ends are closed, and the wrapper has a nice Colorado coloring, showing lovely dark red hues against milk chocolate. As I cut the foot and head I get a nice cold draw, and I am getting flavors of cocoa, coffee, rich earth and damp wood. The aroma to the cigar is fairly similar to the cold draw, and I light up the smoke.

Corojo ’99 wrapper

As I light up the figurado, I begin to first get a lot of flavors from the wrapper, because of the tapered head, and it is predominantly of leather and damp wood. As I move further into the third though, and the ring gauge expands I begin to get more complex flavors of rich earth, unsweetened dark cocoa, coffee and some pepper and cinammon notes. It is a nice dark, rich and enjoyable cigar that shows medium full strengths to it in my opinion. I have definite feeling where the cigar is going, and it is going to be an enjoyable evening cigar for me. The burn line is slightly wavy in this third, but leaving a steady ash, and producing a great amount of smoke.    

I am in the second third of the cigar now, and with the ring gauge I am getting a consistent amount of rich flavors from the cigar. The cigar is still producing a great amount of thick and dark smoke, and the ash is showing those dark charcoal colorings with hints of black in it as well. The burn line is wavy in this third, but nothing major, and still smoking cool. The flavors are that of rich earth, spices, coffee, cocoa and nutty notes as well. It is very consistent in terms of the flavors, but I find them to be very enjoyable and really similar to some other cigars coming out of Raices Cubanas. The cigar strength is still at a steady medium full level, and because of the rich and heavy flavors it almost seems like it is medium in body.  

When the cigar gets into the final third I am continuing to see a perpetual them in the flavor profile. It is not overly complex in terms of the flavor changing, or the flavor profile, but still very enjoyable and a cigar that I would definitely smoke again. In some ways I found it very similar to the Alec Bradley Prensado but less sweet and more natural if that makes any sense. There are some great damp wood flavors in this third, notes of barnyard and leather, and a finish of cocoa and coffee beans. There was some definite pepper and cinnamon notes throughout the entire cigar, and the cigar finished cool and flavorful. The burn line in the last bit was perfect, really not wavy at all, and it left a solid ash before I flicked it down and let the tapered nub rest. This was a solid medium full bodied cigar from beginning to end, and great for the evenings.  

I enjoyed this cigar, and I found that after I smoked a couple they each got better. I think these are cigars that are going to age wonderfully, and I even think they will be better if they are dry boxed. Overall the cigar produced a great amount of flavors that I like for my palate, and it also provided a great strength that I also preferred. The burn line was a little wavy throughout, but the ash stayed on strong and showed great coloring as well. I would definitely buy a handful of these cigars and age them for some time before smoking, but I know would thoroughly enjoy them again. I think this vitola has a great shape, and it is definitely a nice change of pace from your everyday cigar. I would definitely recommend this cigar to anyone who is a fan of Alec Bradley Cigars, La Palina El Diario, Illusione core line, Padilla Miami line, and even the Casa Fernandez Aganorsa line. I give this cigar a 90, and it is one of best Viaje I have had to date.    

VOR DT (Double Torpedo)