Cigar Reviews | Ammodors: An Introduction into Ammunition Can Humidors


When one thinks of a humidor, the last thing that comes to mind is an ammunition can. I would not say that is because every cigar smoker is using a traditional desktop humidor that you buy at a cigar store, I mean, Igloo Coolers are being used as humidors, but an ammunition can is a bit of a stretch when envisioning a humidor. There aren’t many guys that have ammunition cans lying around and they aren’t something you see at stores often, so why use them as humidors? Well for starters, they look awesome. I mean, there is something about storing your cigars in a humidor that gets the testosterone flowing, and with the handles on top, you can carry them around as well. You want an awesome travel humidor? Check out Ammodors.

But what makes Ammodors truly great as humidors is that the humidors are lined with Spanish Cedar and are airtight. These humidors definitely pass the seal test, and with A-grade 1/4″ thick Spanish Cedar lining the sides, your cigars will not dry out. The company has Ammodors that vary in size, and you can get a smaller one that holds between 25 and 50 to a larger one that can hold over 150 robustos. Now, if that is not big enough, you can get a custom Ammodor per request. If you go to the companies website, you will see some custom project he has done and it is all very impressive. With all of these details, you are probably wondering how he gets all of these ammunition cans. Where do they come from? 

Ammodor The 50

It’s actually an easy answer, the company buys these ammo cans at government auctions when they are no longer needed. The government doesn’t want to hold on to them and store them in storage facilities, so might as well sell them. Ammodors only buys the highest quality ammunition cans, and after purchasing them cleans them and gets them prepped to become humidors. Once cleaned, they begin the process of installing the cedar, new rubber seal and then clean them out again so they are ready for use. They install a felt pad at the bottom of every Ammodor so as not to damage any surface they are stored on and at that point they are ready for you and me.

felt pad bottom protects surface from the ammunition can

With that introduction, let’s take a look at these humidors and get one ready for use. I am going to be focusing on The 50, and this is an Ammodor that is made from a .50 CAL ammunition can. The humidor can hold up 125 robustos, depending on how you store your cigars, and I have seen a lot of cigars fit properly into these in the past. As you can see from the photo below, I prepared the humidors with Boveda seasoning packs before storing cigars in it.  I think it is a lot cleaner and easier, and while it takes a little bit longer, it is very reliable. You can also see from the picture below the Spanish Cedar and the quality of cedar that it is.

Seasoning with Boveda

All Ammodors come with a  basic humidification device, that is always provided, but if you want to have an upgrade you can. That upgrade includes a hygrometer along with the humidification device so you can see the temperature and humidity inside. You can install these devices on the lid with the magnet provided, which is what I did, or you can use Velcro if that is what you prefer. (The Velcro is provide as well.) There are actually a lot of upgrades that can be done with the humidor, so when checking out of the store, see what they have and what you want. You can get dividers, shelves, etc. As you can see from the photos below, they provide a quality humidification device and the magnet sticks well to the lid. 

Ammodor Humidification Device
Ammodor Humidification Device

The last and one of the most important things I will cover is something that I was curious about the first time I checked out an Ammodor; the seal. It is always important that humidors have a good seal, and the Ammodor does. Sometimes we get humidors where the seal is poor so you have to adjust to get the humidity to where you want it and that also affects temperature as well. This is not the case with the Ammodor. The company installs a new rubber seal to the can after cleaning, and this makes the humidor truly airtight. I took a photo below to show you what I am talking about. 

Rubber Seal – Airtight 

I think that about covers it. I am going to be coming back to this humidor on the 25th and at that point, the humidor should be ready for cigars to be stored inside. I am really looking forward to filling this humidor up and seeing how it performs once ready. In the meantime, go to and check the company out. See what they have to offer. These are really cool humidors and if you are or you know someone is into ammunition cans, and this is a humidor for your lifestyle, I would not hesitate in picking one up. If you have any questions, I would be glad to answer them but as always, do not hesitate to reach out to Ammodors as well. They are incredibly friendly and know more about this system than I do.   ammodor-logo