Cigar Competition Winner: Davidoff Winston Churchill Churchill

Davidoff has been doing some incredible things in the past three years, and they have become an exciting new company while at the same time remaining the classic matured one that they are. For a long time they were a stagnant company, and they were a company that in my opinion was making good cigars, but not cigars that they could truly make. They were diving a Lamborghini, but not going over 65 mph. The blends they have been releasing to the market recently though have been a breath of fresh air, and they have showed a whole new side of Davidoff. I believe they have really begun to produce Dominican puros like they can and should, but they have also ventured off in another direction and begun using tobacco from different countries. Davidoff Nicaragua was and still is very exciting, and when they announced the blend for the new Davidoff Winston Churchill, I was interested to see where the blend would take us.

As to be expected, the blend was something completely new for Davidoff, and very “un-Davidoff” overall. The blend shows the versatility of the company, and it shows that they are not limited to certain tobaccos like some companies are. There is something to be said about a company that leaves its “comfort zone,” and that is what Davidoff did with the new Winston Churchill. Besides the fact that this blend is new and unique, I believe overall it is superior to the original Winston Churchill. The original Winston Churchill is in some ways, a classic Davidoff offering and because of that it is not appealing or sexy in some ways. What the new Winston Churchill does is reach out to a whole new set of smokers, but still deliver the super premium quality that is known with the Davidoff name. The use of tobacco from multiple countries was done well, and it was a blend that had the tobacco working off of one another to improve every leaf within the blend. It was Davidoff and at the same time un-Davidoff.

I could go on, and on, but there is really no point in doing so. The points I am making are that the new Winston Churchill is a magnificent blend, one that everyone should reach out to and smoke, and that Davidoff is finally driving that Lamborghini the way it was meant to be driven.


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