Cigar Revisited: H. Upmann Half Corona

I am one that loves smaller cigars. I love Churchills and double coronas as well, but there are times when you can’t smoke those or even robustos, and need a smaller size. That is where the half corona comes in hand. Smaller than a petit corona, they typically measures 3.5″ and have a ring gauge in the low 40s. They are not common in the American market, or were not common for a while, but Habanos has been popping sticks out in this size now for a couple years, and they have been absolutely terrific. There are a lot of great ones, but the best one in my opinion is the H. Upmann Half Corona. Yes, I am a huge H. Upmann fan, but with a stick like this, you can see why I love the brand. 

The H. Upmann Half Corona measures 3.5″ with a 44 ring gauge, and is composed of entirely Vuelta Abajo tobacco. The ones I have had are rolled perfectly, and they come with an amazing triple cap. The construction is always terrific and it is a smoke you can sit back and enjoy, for a relaxing thirty minutes. It shows flavors of spices, wood, leather, tobacco and earth, There are some occasional nutty notes present as well, and this is a stick I could smoke all day, and probably work my way through a box in a week if I really wanted to. The price is simply amazing for a box, and when buying these you need to buy multiple boxes. There are so many great H. Upmanns on the market, you can’t go wrong with a lot of vitolas in the brand, but if you want something that is very affordable and perfect for those times when you don’t have a huge smoke time, go with the Half Corona