Cigar Revisited: Intemperance BA XXI A.W.S. (RoMa Craft Tobac)

When it comes to preferred sizes for a cigar, the Lonsdale is probably my first choice. I love lanceros, I think they are great, but more often than not blends today are doing better in the 40’s. Now, if you can make a great cigar with a ring gauge in the 30’s, have at it, but when blended in the 40’s, it is a little easier and more of a succes. With that being said, when you have a cigar that has a ring gauge in the 40’s, I find that it is showing the complete blend. Some will say that a 50 ring gauge is providing equal shares between wrapper and filler, but I disagree. I believe that when you get to the mid and high 40’s, that is when you are seeing all angles of the blend. A true Corona Gorda and Rotschild are perfect for that equality level and that is why I love the sizes. Now, when you go lower from there, that is when you really begin to taste the wrapper and it becomes more dominant. Eventually there is a cutoff point where it is mostly wrapper and not filler, but before you get to that point you hit the Lonsdale format. The Lonsdale is a vitola offering that shows a lot of wrapper flavors, but it is just big enough to show those filler characteristics as well. That is why I find the Intemperance BA XXI A.W.S. to be a great success.

A Lonsdale offering, the A.W.S. is a store exclusive to Cigar Hustler. The cigar comes with a 44 ring gauge and measures 6.5″ in length. It features that Brazilian Arapiraca wrapper over Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers, and has an Indonesian binder for support. The blend for this cigar has been modified from the original Intemperance BA XXI line, and by modified I mean that it was blended for the size and not just re-proportioned. The first time I smoked these was when Skip sent me some, and after that I needed to get more. I believe it to be the best cigar Skip has ever done, and while it is not in his best line, it is the best individual cigar. The cigar shows leather, cocoa, nut, tobacco, spice and pepper notes throughout, and it has some cedar and toasty qualities as well. I first reviewed this in the beginning of the year, and I can tell you in ten months that this cigar has gotten even better. If you have not smoked this particular size, I strongly recommend you get some.