Fonseca Arana

img_0889 img_0888 The newest blend from Fonseca, the Arana, is definitely a treat and not your everyday Fonseca. If every Fonseca went left, this cigar would go right. Made at the Matasa Factory in the Dominican Republic the cigar is unique and enjoyable. The wrapper is a dark and toothy Criollo ’98 Habano, with a Dominican binder, and a mix of Nicaraguan and Dominican fillers. Manuel Quesada added the Nicaraguan tobacco for “more presence” on the palate. The cigar was made perfectly, with no flaws in it at all, and had an aroma of spice and earth. Upon cutting the cigar, with my new cutter, the draw was perfect. Upon lighting, the cigar begins very smooth and subtle in flavor, but there is a crescendo of strength and flavors all the way to the nub. The flavors were of earth, pepper, coffee, and remained rich throughout. When they were tasting this cigar Cigars International and Manuel Quesada commented on how much it grew on their palate all the way to the end, and that is why they gave it the name Arana, or Spider in Spanish. It is similar to a spiderweb that gets larger and larger throughout time. It is a treat of a cigar, and even better at its price. For the price you pay for a mazo 20, you can’t beat it. I give this cigar a 93.

Fonseca Arana – Cigars International