Month in Review (Volume 1, Issue 1): January 2015 Highlights

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Month in Review: (Volume 1, Issue 1)

January 2015 Highlights

I have decided to take on another highlight piece, don’t ask me why, and the purpose of this “highlight piece” is to show off the cigars that I reviewed this month that really impressed me. These cigars will have to have a rating of 92 or higher, and for the most part they will be cigars that I would buy a box of. I have 92’s as being equivalent to a 5 pack in my rating system, but depending on the price and packaging, they may be box worthy cigars. We’ll see how this goes, and feedback from readers, but enough of that. Let’s take a look at the best cigars I reviewed for the month of January, and cigars I would buy a box of for smoking and aging.

The best cigar I reviewed this month was the Liga Privada Único Serie Velvet Rat. I actually got this cigar from Drew Estate on Cigar Safari, and the smoke has aged phenomenally since I first got it. It is a complex blend that shows a tremendous amount of flavors, and it has transitioning and depth throughout. It is possibly one of the best Connecticut Broadleaf offerings I have had, and it is easily the best Broadleaf release I have had from Drew Estate. There are a lot of aspect to this cigar that I love, and one of the best qualities is the actual vitola. It comes in an offering that is 6 1/4″ in length with a 46 ring gauge, and it is a great size. You really can’t get these, which is a total shame, but if you could I would go to town on them. I gave this cigar a 93 rating, and it is the highest rated cigar for January, 2015.  

aquitaine2bvenus2broma2bcraft2btobac-1 A retail exclusive for Doc James Cigars in Westchester, New York, the Aquitaine Venus was given to them late this year. It is a petit salomone in vitola terms, and it is the counterpart you may say to the CroMagnon Venus. The cigars smoke beautifully from stick to stick, and the construction is always top notch. The flavors grow in complexity and strength as the ring gauge gets smaller and smaller, and the strength and body grow as well. I think this is one of the best blends in the Aquitaine line, and it is a vitola that continues to show the greatness of the line. Salomones can be incredible cigars, simply terrific, but they have to be done correctly to smoke the way they should. Nica Sueno and RoMa Craft delivered with this cigar, and Doc James is fortunate to have this exclusively. At $10 a stick, and coming in boxes of ten, this is a cigar you should buy a box of. I guarantee that they will age wonderfully, but as for smoking well young, they are smoking great. I gave this cigar a 92, and it is a memorable cigar for 2015 thus far. crux2bbull2b262bbear2brobusto2bextra2b5-1-2
The latest release from Crux Cigars, the Bull & Bear is a line that revolves around a larger ring gauge. It is a Nicaraguan puro, like the rest of the lines for the company, but like the rest of the lines is unique in its own way. The cigar is finished with a Habano seed from Jalapa, and the company as a whole is focusing on Jalapa tobacco, knowing the greatness from the region. From beginning to end the cigar shows a wonderful spice and earth quality, and there is a unique pepper, coconut shaving and curry flavor that I pick up and really enjoy. I think it is a flavor profile many would appreciate and reach out to, and with the sizes being offered, along with the excellent construction, it is definitely appealing to the modern day smoker. I know I would definitely have a couple five packs of these lying around in my humidor, and overall it is a company that is producing cigars that I would have in my humidor and enjoy quite frequently. They are making their way into retail locations across the nation, and becoming visible online, so pick up a five pack of this beauty and enjoy the goodness.