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Core Line Maduro

When I first head that E.P. Carrillo was going to be launching a maduro wrapper version to their Core Line, I was not disappointed but was curious as to how it would live up to the original blend. I am not a snob, but I feel that sometimes manufacturer’s make cigars with different wrappers to increases sales, and because of this, the blend is not as good as it could be, because you are working to keep the cigar decent for both wrappers instead of having it thrive with one wrapper. I know this sounds bad, but that is how I feel. I am pleased to say though, that Ernesto and team did not do this with their maduro line. The filler blend is still a mixture of Nicaraguan and Dominican tobacco, but I believe has been tweaked some for this blend, and the binder is now an Ecuadorian Sumatra leaf instead of Nicaraguan. With all of these changes to the filler and binder we now look at the wrapper. There was debate as to what the wrapper would be on the cigar early on I have found out, and in the end they chose  the Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. I am not a huge fan of Connecticut Broadleaf, but there are times when it surprises me and it makes a hell of a cigar.

With the changes that have been made to this cigar, I feel that the cigar is really its own cigar and because of that E.P. Carrillo is still the man! I am all about the boutique company and he is definitely boutique! He is not selling out to please the masses and I love their cigars for that. The vitola I chose is my favorite, the corona gorda. E.P. Carrillo give it the title Regalias Real and it measures 5 5/8″ with a 46 ring gauge. This size should give me a great amount of flavor from the wrapper, and still pick up a good amount of the binder and filler flavor. It is probably not the most popular vitola in the States, but internationally it is a loved size.

The cigar is absolutely beautiful and the maduro wrapper is of high quality. It is very firm in hand and rolled perfectly. The triple cap is wonderful and the wrapper has a nice dark chocolate color to it with a wonderful aroma of barnyard, licorice, spice and coffee. The cigar begins by showing notes of espresso, wood, spice and stone fruit and is burning medium in body, it is burning perfectly even and producing a great amount of smoke. I know I am only in the first third, but I am really enjoying this Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. The cigar thus far is very balanced and if it continues down this road I will be very pleased. I feel that maduro cigars are hard to make and that there aren’t a lot of great maduro’s on the market, but this cigar so far is absolutely amazing. As I enter the second third of the cigar the flavors grow in complexity and notes of chocolate begin to emerge as well. There is still a nice presence of spice in the cigar but it is accompanied by the stone fruit flavors that were present in the first third making it really balanced, incredibly harmonious. The espresso notes have become more prominent in the this third and the wood notes have softened some. I found the second third of the cigar really grew from the first and because of this, the cigar is really showing wonderful qualities and great potential for aging. It is burning incredibly well and producing a great amount of smoke also, at no point has it become unbalanced, and is one of the finest maduro’s I have had. I am in the final third of the cigar now and the flavors are playing off one another so much that it is more complex than ever, and my palate is in overdrive. It is really hard to pick out one thing, because it is all present, so I am noticing this concoction of nutty characteristics with chocolate, wood, spices, dark stone fruits and a finish of coffee beans. The cigar became more full in the final third but still showed great depth and complexity, really well made. Wow, what a smoke. When I picked these cigars up from W. Curtis Draper I was told by an employee that it had that “traditional maduro flavor,” and I see what he is saying. A lot of smokers say that with maduro cigars, and I think it really doesn’t make sense, but this one really brought that statement to life.  It really had the nice balance and flavors you want in a cigar and the maduro played well with all the other tobaccos. At no point was it overpowering and unpleasant, instead it was perfectly balanced throughout. This cigar has all the great qualities you can get from the filler and binder, but the wrapper really shows its dominance  in this cigar and it has currently changed my opinion on Connecticut Broadleaf. Sometimes maduro’s are either to full and a lack of flavors, or too sweet with one flavor throughout. This cigar showed how great a maduro can be. I am not saying that I am completely sold on the Connecticut Broadleaf leaf, but E.P. Carrillo definitely makes a great maduro with it. He blended this cigar so well that everything worked together incredibly well. He definitely took his time with this smoke and it shows. I am giving this cigar a 94, and really look forward to trying it in different vitola’s. This is definitely. the best new cigar I have had since the Trade Show, and I am in love with the cigars E.P. Carrillo is producing. I smoke this and prepare myself for the 2011 Limited Edition.    

E.P. Carrillo Core Line Maduro