Seth's Humidor – Cigar Reviews & More!: La Flor Dominicana Colorado Oscuro – No. 4

Colorado Oscuro No. 4

Litto Gomez is always thinking, and his thoughts always end in success. At the IPCPR Show this year, he had several cigars that looked incredible, and luckily I have had the chance to purchase them all already at my local shop. I have yet to review them all, but they are in my humidor waiting. One cigar that particularly caught my eye was the Colorado Oscuro. Well to be honest, The Digger caught my eye first but we all know the reason for that. I would have loved to review that cigar first, but time was not really on my side. The Colorado Oscuro is the newest line in his companies portfolio, and is also very limited. Intended to be released twice a year, the cigar is definitely going to be of high quality and limited tobacco. The cigar begins with a Ligero Ecuadoran Sumatra wrapper, and a binder that is a Sumatra leaf from the Dominican Republic. The filler is composed of Dominican and Nicaraguan tobacco, and I believe this is one of the first times Litto has put Nicaraguan tobacco in the filler. I know he has used Nicaraguan tobacco for a wrapper on previous cigars, but other than that I do not believe so. I chose the No. 4 vitola which measures 5 1/4″ and has a ring gauge of 54. Like most of his limited releases, the cigar comes packaged in cabinets of 50, and is a simple but beautiful presentation. I have smoked several of La Flor’s cigars, and I can tell you that every wrapper is always gorgeous and oily, and the same is for this cigar. The wrapper is just amazing to look at, and it is incredibly oily as well. It has some minor veins present throughout but it takes nothing away from the oily toothy wrapper. The cigar is very firm in hand, and has a wonderful aroma of leather, raisins, chocolate and barnyard. As I light up the first third of the cigar it shows these pleasant wood and fruit notes, and has a finish of chocolate and leather. The beginning is almost of moist fruit bread and very pleasant. The cigar is medium in body and really not too strong as some of his other smokes. I have found that most of La Flor’s stuff have a great amount of strength which I love, but they also have a nice bit of flavor as well. I feel that this cigar is different than others because he really went for flavor and balance than strength. The cigar still has some strength, but not as much as others. When I get into the second third of the cigar the strength begins to rise some, and the flavors really develop more as well. It begins with these herbal wood notes and finishes with this chocolaty, meaty and leathery finish. There are still some raisin notes present, but it is a little more darker than before. The cigar is still burning perfectly and remaining very balanced as I finish the second third, and I am looking forward to the final third. As I get into the final third of the cigar, the strength has definitely risen once more and the flavors have become darker as well. Rich earth notes are present up front with hints of chocolate and spice, and the cigar finishes with the leather and raisin flavors that were present at the beginning. It is still burning cool all the way to the nub, and at no point did it ever burn unevenly. This cigar was truly enjoyable, and I found it a nice change of pace from most of La Flor’s works. I would give this cigar a 92 rating, and really consider it to be a great middle of the day smoke. It has enough strength and flavor to satisfy my palate, but it is not too overpowering as a possible first cigar of the day. I would be interested to see how this cigar is in different vitola’s, but so far, I think this size is absolutely awesome. I think Litto has definitely got a winner here, and it really sparks my interest on his other new releases. For all cigar smokers out there who want something medium in body and packed with nice flavors, this cigar is for you and I think you will find it being your everyday smoke. If you have the money I would definitely go with a cabinet purchase, and find nothing but joy 50 times over.

Colorado Oscuro