Cigar Reviews | Nica Libre Potencia

img_0465 I got this stick a couple weeks ago and I had been waiting patiently for it for sometime since I ordered it when it was not even in stock yet. The Nica Libre brand was introduced in mid 2009 and was originally made by AJ Fernandez. The original line was a maduro and more medium in body, but the Potencia line is far from that. I would consider the Potencia it’s bigger brother. In hockey terms, the original Nica Libre would be the starting center, while the Potencia is on the second defensive line, a very physical player and the team enforcer. The Potencia line was not made under AJ this time however, but instead by the Oliva Family. I find this suiting because the Oliva Family makes a wonderful full body/flavor cigar, the Oliva Serie V. The wrapper on this cigar is very oily and has a wonderful reddish hue to it gorgeous brown color. The cigar is a Nicaraguan puro, covered in a Habano Sun Grown wrapper with ligero fillers from Esteli, Condega, and Jalapa. This cigar, despite its powerful body, is very smooth from start to finish. From the get go, you get blasted with tons of spice and pepper. As the cigar progresses you begin to pick up more flavors of coffee, dark chocolate, and rich tobacco but still the spice remains. I found this cigar very complex, and from times had trouble pin pointing certain flavors but I assure you it was not dull. I have smoked several of the vitola’s within the line and all have been wonderful! This cigar is a must try and will not disappoint. If you are a fan of limited cigar you need to act fast! If you are a fan of full body and full flavor cigars, you need to act fast! I have been told that this is a limited release and will not be in constant production.  I would give this cigar a 93 because it had the body I look for in cigars and the flavors and complexity it carried were incredible. Stop reading this review right now and pick up a box, no I am not kidding, go buy some. Great, great smoke!

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