Partagás Serie D No. 4 Tubo

Partagás Serie D No. 4

 One of my favorite cigars, and in such a great format. Where to begin with this cigar? Partagás is a great Habanos line, and all the vitola’s in it are great. Whether you are smoking the Luisitania, 8-9-8, Culebras, Serie P No. 2, Short, or the Serie D No. 4, you are going to get a ton of flavor and have a great body smoke as well. I got this stick in a tubos 3 pack in Antigua and I have been looking forward to them for sometime. First all the tubo is beautiful. Nice design and coloring, it is awesome. Right when you open the tubo, the first thing you notice is the beautiful triple cap. Perfectly rolled with no veins visible, this cigar is beautiful. I always look forward to lighting one of the sticks up. Whether I am drinking a glass of wine, a mojito, or just rum, it goes well with everything. I have burnt through a box and a half of these, and they have always had great flavor.

Check out that Triple Cap! (3 horizontal lines, if you don’t know what I am talking about.)

The aroma of this cigar is wonderful. Right away you have a sweet and spicy aroma and with the draw you get anise, cinnamon, and clove. Upon lighting, I am blessed with cinnamon and sweet characteristics, and it is just teasing me. The cigar is medium in body and so smooth. I am a third of the way in and the burn is perfect and beautiful, the flavors are great, and the aroma in the room is amazing. This is what a cigar should be like. Right now I am giving this a 93.


 Well, I have spaced out, and didn’t write a second third review of this cigar, because I was enjoying it too much. The flavors have remained wonderful and it has increased in body. This cigar is just loaded with dark cherries, cinnamon, cloves, it’s just awesome. Sorry, fuckin awesome! I am about to finish it off and I am pissed, this can’t be happening. I am tempted to run inside and grab another one, but I am going to throw those to the bottom of the humidor and get them in a year or so. I have changed my earlier vote from 93 to a 95. I haven’t had any issues with this cigar, except for the fact that it all gone. It would get a 100 if by some chance it came back, and I could smoke it again. When you have a cigar like this, you can’t smoke another, because it will automatically suck.