Pinar Del Rio – Seleccion Reserva Limitada 2010 (Toro)

Seleccion Reserva Limitada 2010

I have spoken many times about the rise of Pinar Del Rio Cigars and how great they are, and I feel that it is time that I review my favorite cigar of theirs. I smoked this cigar practically all weekend so I find it fitting to finally review it. I think the Seleccion Reserva Limitada 2010 is their finest blend and most complex of smokes. Like the rest of their core line, the cigar is filled with filler tobacco from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. It has a Criollo ’98 Dominican binder and a wrapper from Lancaster County, USA, Pennsylvania Broadleaf. I smoke the toro which measures 6″ with a 54 ring gauge. It is a little bit bigger than most toro vitolas I prefer but it is still a great size. The cigar has a wonderful aroma of chocolate, espresso and leather to it, and it is beautiful in hand, almost like a chocolate bar. From the second I light up the cigar it is incredibly rich showing lots of chocolate, earth, espresso, leather and spice. There is a peppery finish and it is definitely medium in body. The cigar is burning very true and producing wonderful amounts of smoke. As I get into the second third of the cigar the flavors are still strong and incredibly rich. The cigar is definitely producing tons of flavor which are very similar to what was present in the first third, but it is still very pleasant. I am still getting a great amount of smoke with each puff and the cigar is still staying medium in body. The final third really shows the first change in the cigar showing a lot more pepper and earth than the first two thirds, but it still has a good amount of the dominant flavors as well. I would say the final third is more full in body,  but still not full bodied. Smoking this cigar down to the nub I have had no problems with the smoke and it was always flavorful. This cigar is not really complex in the manner that the flavors are changing, but it is so flavorful that it is. I know I talk about how much I love complexity, but there are two types of complexity. There is the complex cigar that is constantly changing in flavor, and then there is the cigar that is constant but packed with tons of flavors, making it complex. I have no problem with either and sometimes I prefer one version over the other, this weekend it was the latter of the two. This is a great cigar for after dessert because of how rich it is, but in all honesty could be smoked at any time. I would pair this with any port or dessert wine, and even a Shiraz or a rich flavorful stout. I would give this cigar a 93 rating and consider it to be box-worthy. This is a cigar that all smokers would love and no one would find it boring at all. Whether you prefer mild or full bodied smokes it is blended in a way that anyone could smoke. Really an enjoyable cigar that I consider to be a reliable and daily smoke.

Reserva Limitada 2010