Week in Review( Volume 2, Issue 27)

week2bin2breview-3 I will be honest with you, over the past seven to eight years, the Dominican Republic has taken a back seat in terms of cigars and tobacco. Nicaragua really came on strong when it was really introduced, and for the past years the country has grabbed attention with cigars coming out of factories located in Nicaragua and Nicaraguan tobacco in general. I think it is a country filled with great tobacco and great factories, but with the focus on that country, we have forgotten about how great the Dominican Republic is in terms of cigar factories, tobacco, etc. I am pleased to see 2014 be a year where the country makes a return to center stage. It was due for it’s Return of the Jedi or Return of the King, no matter how you look at it, and it has returned to center stage with a lot of great releases. This week I smoked some of them and look forward to sharing my thoughts on these sticks with reviews to come.  epoca2bby2bnat2bsherman-1

The resurrected Epoca is a lovely release from Nat Sherman that is a classic cigar. It delivers old school flavors, but to be honest with you, they will be flavors that you love or just don’t care for. I really enjoyed the offering and because of that loved the cigar. Is it a complex cigar or a cigar that is considered a modern cigar? No, but it is what it is, a classic blend, and a very enjoyable one at that. Sometimes more is just more, and this cigar delivers the perfect amount in every area. This cigar is creamy, sweet, cedary and has a soft coffee finish with it as well.  

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I am a fan of the Eastern Standard line by Caldwell Cigar Co. I think it is a great use of a dark Connecticut wrapper and delivers so many flavors throughout. It pairs well with the Dominican tobacco, and I think it is a blend that is very modern and is the new Dominican Connecticut in some ways. With the release of The Silk Road though, Caldwell took the blend to a whole new level. This lancero is simply stunning and is a cigar I would come back to over and over again. It is very unique, different from the core line smokes, and it shows some amazing flavors that I have picked up in a well known Habanos line. Overall, I loved this cigar and the flavors delivered showed notes of lemongrass, coffee, cream, cedar and spices. 

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To be honest with you, I am not the biggest Liga 9 fan. They are not my cup of tea, and while they may be a solid Connecticut Broadleaf offering to many, it is not for me. However, these were great in the morning when I was in Nicaragua and they have grown on me some since then. They don’t age well, but they do smoke well young and they taste better down in Nicaragua, that is for sure. 


The new offering from Espinosa, Laranja uses a Brazilian wrapper, something very new for Eric and company, and is a different cigar than they have ever done. I personally think it is great; it has this comforting spice present throughout the entire cigar, and has a nice body and strength level as well. I need to smoke more, only smoked two, but right now I would say this is my second favorite release after the Espinosa Habano. The cigar shows some nice dry earth, cinnamon, nutmeg and pepper notes throughout.

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Probably one of the best Dominican puros I have had, and I love Dominican puros, the Angel’s Share is a softer version of the OpusX and yet still delivers so many flavors and has a nice body and strength level. These are going to age wonderfully, but they smoke great young as well. I picked up some nice creamy notes in the beginning, but as it progressed it showed those leather, spice, cedar and coffee flavors that are present in traditional OpusX releases. 

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The newest cigar from Nat Sherman, the Joel Sherman 75th Celebration celebrates the 75th birthday of the company president, Joel Sherman. It is a limited edition cigar from the company and an elegant one at that. The extra long corona gorda or narrow Churchill shows incredible flavors and construction from beginning to end, and is a cigar many will love. I think it is one of the best releases from the company, and they have two great Ecuadorian Connecticut releases this year with this smoke and the Epoca. Notes of red pepper, cedar, oranges and cream were present throughout, making for a wonderful smoking experience. 

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