Week in Review (Volume 2, Issue 31)

week2bin2breview-2-2 Well, October is here and fall is really present today. We’re getting into colder weather now and with that comes shorter smokers, half corona season for me, and with that smaller size I am looking for some darker and bolder flavor cigars. I love these stronger and spicier shorter smokes for the season, it just seems fitting, and I love finding that one cigar which you know will be perfect for Thanksgiving and Christmas. In the meantime, let’s close down the late summer with some great smokes that are classics and also new to me. By the way, who saw my Bills win on Sunday? Tied for first in the AFC East!

Probably one of my favorites, the Casa Fernandez Miami Reserva Toro is a hell of a cigar. When young, it is simply a beast, but with age it shows definition and elegance. It is great to see the use of medio tiempo tobacco from Nicaragua in the blend, and it is always nice to see the difference in that tobacco and medio tiempo from Cuba. I have bought some of the newer vintage releases, but they don’t compare with the original release. At one time this was a one vitola release, but with the expansion and introduction of newer bands, it all seemed to change. If you are able to find a cigar with these style Reserva bands, you have an original and early release and buy them all up.

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The newest release from Guayacan Cigars, Sabor de Esteli is a powerhouse in the limited corona format. If you want a peppery smoke, this cigar will deliver that and more. I really like the blend, I think it is the best thing coming out of that factory, and it is a cigar that I look forward to trying in different vitola options. If you are able to get your hands on a box, get them because they are going to age wonderfully. Review is coming up this week, so pay attention. Review Coming Soon. surrogates2bsatin2bglove-1
The newest release in the Surrogates brand, Satin Glove is the first maduro for the brand, the second maduro for L’Atelier Imports and the first Mexican San Andres for L’Atelier Imports. It is a terrific blend that is showing greatness at a young age, and I love the size and press that comes with the cigar. This might be one of the better releases from the trade show, and also one of the better maduros released this year. I am loving this blend right now and I would not be surprised if it makes a return at the end of the year.

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crux2bpassport2bhalf2bcorona-1 I am a big fan of half coronas. They can be truly impressive, but you need to have good tobacco and a good blend to make them this impressive. The Crux Passport Half Corona is that great half corona and it is a cigar I can’t get enough of after smoking. This cigar is perfect for half an hour to 45 minutes worth of smoking time, and from beginning to end the cigar shows some great flavors and amazing body and strength. Pick up a box of these, you will not be disappointed. Review Coming Soon. ninfamanian2bcrux
Producing a 33 ring gauge right now is simply badass. Joel Rogers said it perfectly when he said he did not want to take a piece of the pie but instead make the pie bigger. The new Ninfamaniacs are incredibly tasty and smoke great, especially for a 33 ring gauge. They are hard as hell to make, expensive too, but when you get it right like this blend, you are doing great. If you have not had the opportunity to smoke these, you are missing out. Pick up a handful of these and the Darks, they are terrific! Seeing a company release a 33 ring gauge and small ring gauge cigars right now is great.

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sancho2bpanza2bbelicoso Sancho Panza, it is a not a brand I have reached out to in the past, but when a member of Habanos Critic sent me some to smoke, I was interested and eager. I can tell you know, I was impressed. The Belicosos smoked great and it was a blend I could have everyday. It is creamy with some nice complex flavors on top of that. Is it the best Habano? No, but it is still a great one and I would pick up a  box of them to have now and age some as well. Review Coming Soon. senorial2bbelicoso2bno-2b22blas2b2bcumbres
I am working my way through the vitolas of the Senorial line and I can tell you that I have not found one that is a dud. I love the corona gorda, toro and robusto, and when I recently lit up the torpedos I was impressed as well. I find that it is a solid medium body and strength cigar, and it is a blend that does well in the size. It has a Cuban twang to it, while being a little bit stronger and Dominican, and this is a cigar I will smoke many more of down the road.

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